Adventure Mayhem!

Your final project at The Oaks is ‘Adventure Mayhem!’


We will learning all about animal habitats and food chains, as well as engaging in lots of Outdoor Education activities. We will be looking at the National Trust website and their list of outdoor activities to do before you are 11 and 3/4. In addition to all of this, we will be rehearsing and performing the end of year production and our  Leavers Assembly! We have a very busy half term ahead!


Some areas that you can research are:

·         Animal habitats

·         Food chains

·         WWF and RSPB

·         Classification

·         Obesity in society

Have a look at the 50 things to do before you are 11 and 3/4 website, and see if you can tick off any of the activities already!


There are many exciting activities to do: design, make and fly your own kite; catch a butterfly in a net; build a den; climb a tree; run around in the rain.

Watch the video link to see some more things from the list!




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  • Jennifer C says:

    Food chains are what an animal eats and what it gets eaten by for example:
    Grass- snail- bird- fox.
    Acorn- squirrel- cat
    Fish- shark- human
    Corn- chicken- fox or human.

  • Safrana J says:

    here are some food chains!

    Grass – Pigs – Humans
    Fish – Human – Sharks
    flamingos – Tigers – Wild boar

  • Liam A says:

    A-Z on outdoor activites and outdoor places
    Climb a tree
    Dirt biking
    Fly a kite
    Go Ape
    Mud slid
    No where
    Rock climbing
    Under ground

  • Safrana J says:

    In year 3 we got a panda that was called Fluffy! It was to support the endangered animals out there and at the end of the year we did a draw where maddi won fluffy!
    Here are some food chains that are familiar with me:
    Grass – Pig – Humans
    Worm – Bird – Fox
    Leaves – Koala – Tiger
    Humans – Fish – Sharks

  • Joshua O says:

    A habitat, or biome, is the type of environment in which plant and animals live. Habitat is dictated by what kinds of plants grow there, the climate and the geography. Rainforest, coral reefs and the tundra are all habitats where particular kinds of plants and animals might be found.

  • Joshua O says:

    A predator is an animal that eats other animals, and the prey is the animal that gets eaten by the predator. In the food chain :grass hopper= frog =hawk

  • Libby H says:

    A habitat is where an animal lives. It is basically a home for animals. They use their ‘houses’ for raising their babys and they need water, air, food and a shelter to survive. For example a rabbit lives in a bourough and also like many other animals they store their food their, and they make nests.

  • Meghna N says:

    A habitat is a place where a plant or animal lives. Just like humans have a home or place to live, so do animals and plants. When we talk about an animal’s or plant’s home, its more like a neighbourhood than a “house.” An animal needs 5 main things to survive in its habitat:
    *A place to raise its young

    Animals require different amounts of space. Habitats can be big like a forest or small like a burrow. Some animals defend a huge territory or roam over a large area; some other animals need only a small amount of space and can put up with their neighbours that they live close to.

    Just like humans have to go to the store to get food, an animal leaves its “shelter” to get the things they need to survive.

    Different animals need different habitats. For example, a fish need clean water to live in. However, a grasshopper needs a big space where it can hop freely.

  • Mrs Trainor says:

    Who has done something off their ’50 Things’ list yet? Tell us all about what you have done. Last year, lots of Year 6 really enjoyed the ‘Running around in the Rain’ task. It started raining extremely heavily during a game of rounders on the field, so everybody put their equipment down and started to run around in the rain. It was great fun!

  • Maria MP says:

    Today I did some more learning in my” things to do before 11 3/4” book. I wrote about running around in the rain,going camping in the wild and burying someone in the sand. Ilove doing things in my scrapbook because you can be creative and add lots of colour,drawings and photos.

  • Leah C says:

    I am really enjoying this project. I have do a lot of the things on the 50 things before you are 11 and 3 quarters and I have started in my reaserch log. In my reaserch log I have done different animals and there different habit. Polar bear: polar bear have to live in really cold areas of the world mostly Antarctic.

  • Maria MP says:

    A-Z of adventure and outdoor activities
    No where
    Rock climbing

  • Eleanor R says:

    I am so excited for this project! I have already done a few things in my 50 things book. I can’t wait to get started doing some outside activities now it is summer! I am also super excited about the production and I have been loving it so far! What have you guys been doing in your 50 things book over half term?

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