Autumn 1 Groovy Greeks

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During our first project, we will be developing our history and science skills as we find out about ancient Greece. We will be learning about the ancient Greek way of life, architecture, philosophers and mathematicians, democracy and the Olympic Games. Throughout the whole project we will be answering the question:

                          What did the Greeks do for us?

Check out this website for lots of informationBBC Bitesize


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  • Mrs Ashton says:

    Some great blogging here Year 6. Tell me the most interesting fact you have found out about Ancient Greece.
    Do you know the names of any Ancient Greek philosophers?

  • Leo says:

    Spartans, some would call them brutal people, others thing otherwise.

    The Spartans lived in the Greek times, they occupied the City-State of Sparta, they possessed an expansive military force feared by many. In the period of there existence they were involved in many notable conflicts such as, The Trojan War and the Peloponnesian War. Young boys were sent into the Army at the age of 7 and were trained to be warroirs, Spartans were known for there bravery and ruthlessness. Sparta was run by a royalty. Woman also trained so they could produce fit strong baby boys. In conclusion, Spartans were Ruth humans and were glad they don’t live today!

  • Mrs Trainor says:

    What a busy half term you have had so far Year 6! Who can summarise what you have learnt so far about the Ancient Greeks? What is the most interesting thing that you have found out?

  • Amber E says:

    There are many mystical creatures such as

    Miner tore
    Ash tree nymphs

    • Miss Gill says:

      Amber, my favourite mythical creature is Medusa because it would make you feel very powerful having snakes for hair and a power that turns people to stone. Do you know about any of the other mythical creatures?

      Miss Gill

  • Ubaid says:

    On Thursday we went High Rid . We did a numerous of activeites such as: mountain biking;water canoeing; dangerous archery and team building. To participate in the activeites you would nead the following items:spair pair of clothes to keep you warm ; towel and a swimming costume .It would cost a price of £30 but it was defintly worth it

  • Jessica says:

    The 12 Greek Gods
    Dionysus or Hestia

  • Michael says:

    I like Greek pottery , as each vase would of told a story , and some had the gods on them , and others told stories from the Olympic Games. Sadly , a lot of vases and pieces of pottery had been smashed to pieces and archaeologists have tried to put them together again.

  • Poppy says:

    Most Greek children didn’t go to school, girls stayed at home and were taught how to look after the house and the family. Some boys were taken to school by trusted slaves called a paidogos.

  • Grace T says:

    Cities in Greece,

  • Freya says:

    Would you rather live in Athens or Sparta and explain your reason?

    In our opinion we would live In Athens because you have a free live and you can choose if you want to join the army. They also let you play music and go to the theatre when they want to. Unlike Sparta were they kill little girls and boys if they look weak and leave them to starve to death on the top of a mountain. In Sparta you also have to go to war if you are a boy, even if you don’t want to. Boys all have to go to train for the war at the age of seven.

    By Freya and George.

  • Michael says:

    The Greek gods were all responsible for different things. Gods include Poeisdon , God of the ocean, Zeus , God of the weather and Aphrodite , Goddess of love and beauty. There were many more , but the twelve most important deities lived at the summit of Mount Olympus.

  • Umair says:

    On Thursday 7th September Y6 went to High Rid in 3 minibuses with Neil, Jeff , Ginger and Tim it was a fantastic day we did some teambuilding, biking, archery and then we went boating.

  • Emily says:

    My favourite God is Poisiden, he is the God of horses , sea and earthquakes . My favourite Goddess is Athena ,she is the Goddess of Athens ,wisdom and art .

  • Issa says:

    I am really enjoying this project because we are learning about the Greeks and the Olympics

  • Callum says:

    The ancient Greeks believed in many gods such as Zeus , Poseidon and many others . These gods all have certain traits and responsibilities for example Poseidon is the god of the sea so he rules the ocean. Zeus, Poseidon and Hades are the most well-known gods . They believed in so many gods it was hard to remember all their names and their traits .

  • Leo says:

    We have been learning about Greek Gods in our class, I have found it very interesting. Zues it the God of weather, he is farther of all men and king of mount Olympus. Mount Olympus is regarded as a home of gods. Athene was the daughter of Zues, she was highly respect in Athens. A very interesting and influential city-state in Greece. In acient Greek times they had city states, each state had there own government, law regulations and religions. Athens gave us democracy were the people of Athens vote for there leader. The sytems is still used today in places such as America, England, Greece and Germany. Greeks belived that gods controlled many parts of there lives, From everything to the Olympic games winners, water birth wine and weather! You name it and 9/10 there is a god for such thing. Many Greek stories have been retold and become myths, and Greek pottery is still kept in museums to this day!

  • Bilal says:

    I enjoyed making the Athens and Sparta booklets, I even got in the Golden book for it.

  • Ibrahim says:

    The ancient Greeks in Sparta were strong humans who trained for many hours non stop.Sparta was a city state.They also went to war with other city states.Another city state was Athens.Athens was a free city state unlike Sparta and they also had democracy(voting for their king).
    By Ibrahim and Ruby

  • Cole says:

    Greece was divided into many city states such as Athens and Sparta. Athens was a place where everyone enjoyed themselves and where free to do what they wanted. Spartans where warrior’s who had to war at the age off seven but the females had to do exercise to make strong babies.

  • Amber E says:

    Sparta was realy strong and ready for war. It was really fun learning about the spartens .

    by Amber! and Sam!

  • Amber Y says:

    Have you heard about the alchemist’s letter?

  • Anthony says:

    I enjoyed the Y6 performance it was fun to do.

  • Grace T says:

    Facts about Sparta,
    when a baby boy is born it gets checked if its fit or not if its fit it lives but if it isn’t fit it gets killed,
    if you have a baby boy it trains for the army at the age of 7,
    if you had a baby girl you had to kill it,
    women need to keep fit for a fit healthy baby.

  • Josh says:

    The Ancient Greeks belived in many different gods such as Zeus, Athene ,Hermes and many more. Zeus was very powerful he was the rain god he would have a thunder bolt at people who make him angry.

  • Danny says:

    We had a question about where we would of liked to live, it was either Sparta or Athens, more people chose Athens.

  • Adam says:

    The Alchemist letter is amazing I couldn’t take my eyes off the fim clip. The first time i watched it i did not really understand it. The Alchemist letter os all about a dad called Nicholas who abandoned his child and he traded all of his memories just for gold

  • Sally says:

    In our class we watched The Alchemist’s Letter. It was really good to watch we had to do some writing about it some of us got in the golden book but I wish we could have done it in our class assembly.

  • Joshua says:

    Ancient Greece is the best project we learn about fighting.

  • Isabella says:

    I really enjoyed planning our own class assembly it was really fun! My group was doing all about the Olympic Games. We acted out some of the events that they used to play such as: javelin, running, discuis, boxing and long jump. In long jump they used weights to propel them selves forwards. And they presented the winner with a laurel leaf crown instead of using medals, like what we do now.

  • Grace W says:

    We had an AWSOME day at High Rid a few weeks ago! Mountain biking, Canoeing, Team building (the shape game and the gutter game), Archery and we even got to jump in at the end!
    We did an assembly about High Rid and about our project, Groovy Greeks. So far in our project we have been learning about Gods and Goddesses, Greek homes and the ancient times.

    • Finley says:

      II really enjoyed High Rid my favourite subject was archery the canoeing then jumping in but sadly I didn’t do mountain biking I also really enjoyed the assembly I had lots of fun writing our own scripts.

  • Danny says:

    We are enjoying our project at the moment.

  • Harry says:

    The Alchemists letter is one of the best short films I have ever seen. I like the way that at the beginning it starts with a girl voice -which is slow and fun- Then when Veridian (the son of the alchemist) starts to read the letter it is read as the Alchemist which makes me exited ad it makes me want to watch more.

  • Ubaid says:

    The Ancient Greeks were very busy they would have to fight (Sparta).Athens could have fun they were very sociable unlike Sparta.

  • Muhammad says:

    Ancient Greece was about 2500 years ago.

  • Muhammad says:

    Right know in year6 we are learning about ancient Greece.

  • Mrs Robertson says:

    I am very proud of you Year 6. You worked really hard to write your own assembly and you were able to work collaboratively during our rehearsals to ensure that we were ready to perform, on time, to an audience.

  • Mrs Grundy says:

    I really enjoyed your assembly this morning. You all spoke clearly and confidently. I was so impressed and you certainly showed off how we ‘Bring Learning to Life’! Well done!

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