Spring 2 Titanic

This half term we will be using a variety of sources to find out about the sinking of the Titanic and the passengers on board. We will learn about the social and cultural diversity of the people on the ship and debate whether or not different classes of passengers were treated fairly.




What do you already know about the Titanic?

What can you find out about the passengers who were on board?

Who do you think was to blame for the disaster? Can you explain your reasons clearly?

What are your opinions on the actions of the captain of the Titanic?

If you were a crew member, what would you have done?



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  • Leo says:

    RMS Titanic
    Royal Mail Ship Titanic was an Ocean Liner that displayed the upmost luxury and facilities of it’s time, featuring the first ever Gym and Swimming pool on a ship, It featured 3 classes and it’s maiden voyage was sadly it’s last. It departed from Southampton England and was headed to New York. It weighed a whopping 45,000 tons and was deemed unsinkable. It was made completely of steel and the bottom of the ship was separated into 16 sections that would be scealed off in the case of water entering the ship. Howver in 1918 on the 1st of April it sank after colliding with an Iceberg over the Atlantic. It was it’s first and last ever voyage.

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