There’s a Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom

March 10th, 2017 | Posted by Mrs Hesketh in Year 5 Archive

Are you enjoying our class read? It is one of my favourite stories so far in Year Five. My favourite character is Bradley. Even though he can get into trouble quite easily, he is starting to show a sensitive side. I think I agree with his mother when she says, “Deep down, he really is a good boy.”

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  • Joshua C says:

    I liked it because it is a funny book and weird

  • Michael MP says:

    This book is still great a second time reading it . Louis Sachar is an amazing author and I highly recommend any of his books . I think that Bradley is a nice person on the inside , but chooses to act the way he does . I think Bradley rips up his home work because he is to afraid to get anything wrong . I think he would do it , if he wasn’t afraid to try .

  • Amber E says:

    I think it is a good book . But Bradley is helping Carla move out of her ofise . I think Bradley is scerd because Carla is leeving to kinda garden (nersry) but I’m intreeed to read .

    Do you want to read it ???

  • Ibrahim E says:

    This book is the best book I’ve ever read in class. I am proud to say I am really enjoying this book.It is really exiting as it gets better and better as you read on further into the book.My impression of Bradley has changed throughout the book when Bradley is bad but then he suddenly changes and he becomes nice.

  • Finley T says:

    This is the first story bit about Jeff A new classmate, Jeff Fishkin, comes in from Washington, D.C., and the only two remaining seats are the ones beside and in front of Bradley. Jeff tries to reason with Bradley, but fails, like everyone else. Then a counselor named Carla is appointed, and she cannot wait to meet Bradley. Carla says she wants to be friends with Bradley, and she begins to try to open him up and reveal his kind interior, which he has been trying to hide. Bradley refuses to come quietly, and his conflicting emotions with Carla and other people induce strife among his fellow schoolmates. As he meets with Carla more and more, he slowly decides to become a better person. He does his homework and forms better relationships with his parents. To help him with a book report, Carla lends him her favorite book, My Parents Didn’t Steal an Elephant. Bradley thinks that the book is magical and responsible for his changes.

  • Amber Y says:

    My impression of Bradley has changed because in the beginning of the story, Bradley was really mean and now he has become nicer.

  • Issa A says:

    My first impression of Bradley was a mean bully who no one liked and throughout the story he was mean and a bully but he tried to be good. Now, where we are he has changed my impression of himself by being a good friend and saying ‘hello’ to people and being polite but that was until Carla mentioned she was leaving and now Bradley is becoming mean and a bully again…

  • Harry E says:

    It is my faveroute class novel ever. My faveroute character is Bradley Chalkers because he has changed so much because at first he was a bully but then he started to see the counceler Carla and he changed into a kind person but then when Carla said she was going to leave he was really upset Carla had to leave because parents were complaining about her saying that she was seeing their children without their permission to so she has to leave but she asked Bradley to help her move out of the office but he had to have his hair cut and that is where we are in the story.

  • Finley T says:

    I am really sad 🙁 because Carla is leaving Bradley is going ballistic Bradley isn’t friends with Jeff.

  • Amelia T says:

    I love this class novel and my favorite charecter is also Bradley because he has changed so much working with Calrla(the counsellor).Bradley used to be a mean boy but now his is quite nice,but now Carlas leaving Bradley has got upset and angry.

  • Grace W says:

    I agree with you Amelia because Carla is thoughtful and kind (like you said) but I also feel sorry for Carla because she has to leave Redhill Primary School.
    I don’t know if Carla can cope with Bradley Chalkers shouting at her when it wasn’t even her fault that she has to leave the school.

  • Amelia T says:

    I love this class novel called there is a boy in the girls bathroom.My favorite character is Carla because she helps people and if Bradley,Jeff,Colleen or anyone that she speaks to does not want her to tell anyone she does not tell anyone.She is also so thoughtful and she is very kind.

  • Adam P says:

    First Bradley was a mean character but now he is starting to be a good character . He thinks Carla loves him but she does not because Carla is an adult and Bradley is a child .

  • Emily W says:

    My favourite character is Carla because she is very nice and kind,Jeff which used to be Bradley’s friend is sometimes mean to Bradley.Bradley is one of my favourite characters because he thinks that he is the best one of my favourite quotes from the book is give me a dollar or I’ll spit on you.Jeff isn’t a good friend because he ignores Bradley and treats him like dirt.Carla is very nice to Bradley and treats him with care.

  • Miss Ralph says:

    I am really enjoying our class read. The characters are refreshingly funny. It is very interesting to see how Bradleys character has developed. I have not read Lois Sachar before but I think Holes will be on my reading list this summer. Do you think first impressions of people are always right year 5?

  • Cole H says:

    I love Lois Sachar’s books as he is really descriptive and I have read the book ‘Holes’ which is impeccably good and very enjoyable.

  • Poppy C says:

    My favourite charictor is Bradley because he is really funny and he always says call whoever he’s talking about if they don’t believe him.

  • Finley T says:

    I love theirs a boy in the girls bathroom because it is really funny my favriot character is Jeff and Bradley Jeff because he is really nice and like me.Bradley because he is quite funny and a bit naughty sometimes but he is really good character.

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