Summer 1 and 2 Light Up Your Life!

This half term we will be deepening our knowledge and understanding of light and electricity.



We will be looking closely at how light travels and how shadows are made. We will learn about the structure of the eye and understand how we are able to see things.

Can you identify the scientist in the picture above? Can you explain his investigation? We will try our own light and shadow experiments in the classroom.




We will also be analysing the function of different components  (lamps, buzzers, cells and switches) in electrical circuits. In the classroom, we will be creating our own circuits and representing them on paper using recognised symbols.





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  • Connie says:

    On the moon there is actually no light,although, you can see in space due to light bouncing of objects there.Isac Newton studied light and I think that he is also the man in the picture.

  • Jenna says:

    A shadow is made by blocking light. When an opaque object stands in front of light it stops the light rays from going through it. Therefore a dark area of the ground in the shape of the object is formed.

  • Mrs Bullen says:

    Great research Jennah and Connie! I’ve learnt some new facts from your blogging!

  • Lucas-James says:

    The nomal amount of electricity a house can hold is 120 volts. Each wall socet that you have in your house can hold up to 20 amps, while others can hold 30 amps.

  • Chloe says:

    In class we have been doing some different tests to find out more about electricity. Some of these tests include:how many centimetres can a motor and cells blow tissue paper, how many cells do you need to light a light source and a motor and more fun activities. In this project I have have learnt many new skills like you cannot have a shadow without a light source and if you have 3 cells and one light source the light in the source will break and if you have 2 cells the light source is very dim and with 1 light source the light is very bright.

  • Ruby says:

    In our project we have not just talked about it we have tested them, like how you make shadows and how far a peace of tissue can move with a fan! Over all i have liked doing this projects and would like to carry on.

  • Jenna says:

    I know this isn’t about our project but as we are going into our last week of primary school I would like to thank the teachers and look back at some funny some sad memories that we as a class or I individually have had throughout my time here at the oaks. The only sad memories I have had through my 7 years are people from our class leaving we have had quite a few who we were sad for to leave but I’m sure they have made new friends at the schools they moved to. Now for some happy and funny memories. I don’t really remember too much about reception as it has been a while but I’m sure that I had loads of memories and thank you to all the teachers in reception making my first year here so welcoming and enjoyable you all taught me so much and time flies by when your having fun and my first year certainly did fly by. In year 1 the funniest memory was at Blackpool zoo for sure when Raihan’s sandwich got stolen by a bird it was really funny and it will be something I will never forget. I still remember going to seven acres as a trip I loved it as I love nature and the outdoors. Once again thank you for everything that my 3/4 teachers did. Year 2 was my first set of SATS and the teachers in year 2 and the teachers in the classes Barlow helped so much leading up to them so thank you so much without you I wouldn’t have done as good. One of my favourite visits from people in year 2 was the owl workshop I held the barn owl, which was really cute. Leading into year 3 my first year in the juniors my favourite trip in year 3 was for sure the air raid shelter trip we got different names for part of it I was named Jemima I I think. I was really happy for Mrs Ashton when she left to have her baby. Thank you Mrs Ashton for helping the class in the first year in the juniors and teaching us so many new things. Year 4 with Miss Gill was a great year. I likes it how we did a lot of sports activities. My favourite day was when we got a visit from Zac Clough, Josh Vella and Tony Kelly and had a day of fun filled activities and had a signing session at the end. In year 5 i was also really happy for Mrs Hesketh having her baby. I was happy when Mrs Hesketh came in to show her baby to us all. One of my favourite lessons in year 5 was the air existence using tape bin bags string and paper cups to safely get eggs to the ground when dropping them of a wall. Going into our last year in year 6. My first day in year 6 was scary as I was going into the highest class in the school and knowing at the end of this year I will be leaving. I am so glad our class has been lucky enough to go to robin wood for 2 nights it was one of the best experiences of my life. I also got to know a new class member while at the residential. I’m sure the upcoming year 6 will have so much fun there just like we did. We also had Iqra join us this year. His was a good chance to get to know someone new before the end of this year and we have developed such a good relationship together. I have gotten so close to everyone in this class through my time at the oaks and have got close to many teachers I will miss every single one of the members of the oaks family thank you for giving me the best experience I could have in primary I can’t wait to move on and go to high school but I also don’t want to ever leave this school. I’m going to try and make the most of my last 5 days here and ty and get through it with as few tears as possible but I know some will be shedded. Thank you to everyone who has helped my through these years (teachers and friends) I will miss you all so much. Thank you!

  • Connie says:

    A BIG thanks

    As we will sadly be leaving soon after 7 memorable years i would like to thank every one of my teachers and friends!You have helped me through so many tough times and through so many happy times, which i would like to share.
    Reception-I would like to thank all the staff for a lovely welcome into the Oaks! I remember getting put in the golden book for making a bird!
    Year 1-One of my funniest memories was when we went to black pool zoo and a bird ate Raihan’s lunch!
    Year 2-Without all our KS1 teachers year two wouldn’t be possible as we had our sats!
    Year 3-Our first year as juniors, My favourite trip in y3 was the air raid shelter when we got new names I was called Florence!
    Year 4-The aspect I liked of year 4 was the sports. When Josh Vella, Zac Clough and Tony Ross visited, Thank you to Miss Gill because before year 4 I wasn’t a huge sports fan but now it’s one of my favourite subjects.
    Year 5- I loved making pottery with Mrs Boyd.
    Year 6-Robin wood was one of the best experiences ever not only did we get to push ourselves we got to become closer friends with people who we weren’t as close with.Lexie and Iqra also joined in y6.

    There is nothing that I can say apart from thank you so much for helping us through everything, you have given us the best experience that we could wish for and now I am devastated to leave but I’m sure I’ll make lots of new friends. You are the best teachers I could have wished for so thank you! We just need to make the most of our last five days,Thank you!

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