Spring 2

From Little Acorns to Great Oaks
Our project this term involves learning about the life cycles of lots of different living things; plants, trees, mammals, insects, birds and amphibians. Just like us, all these things go through some amazing changes as they grow  and we’re going to be finding out all about them.
Which do you think came first;

 the acorn or the oak?
 the chicken or the egg?
 the frog or the spawn?
Or are these questions just impossible to answer?



Life Cycle Riddle
What’s born in spring,
Grows in summer,
Gives birth in fall,
And sleeps in winter?

2 Responses

  • Connie says:

    I think it’s the egg before the chicken because a chicken is born out of an egg.
    The acorn before oak because the oaks life cycle starts with the acorn.
    I think the spawn before the frog because that’s how a frog is born.
    However,how would a chickens egg just appear without a chicken?

  • Noah says:

    I think that the acorn before the oak the egg before the chicken and the spawn before the frog this just a guess but the egg had to produce the first chicken and it takes a acorn to grow a oak it takes a frog spawn to give birth to the frogs I say there were more than one frog because a frog spawn can hold a lot of tadpoles inside it.

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