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 Welcome to Year One!

This half term we will be looking at toys and answering the question: Are old toys or new toys more fun?

 We will be looking at, playing with, researching and comparing old and new toys. During our project we will be looking at how toys have changed since our parents and grandparents played with them, including their materials, what they look like, and how they work.







We will be having a visit from a Victorian lady who owns lots of old toys and comparing these with our favourite toys and the favourite toys of people within our families.





As part of our project could you:

– Find, look at and play with toys that your parents and grandparents had when they were younger

– Research old toys that you would have liked to have had the chance to play with

– Visit a toy museum and tell your friends and teachers all about it

– Sort toys in to different categories, depending on their shape, size, age, colour, or how they work



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