Robin Wood

October 20th, 2018 | Posted by Mrs Robertson in Teacher Posts

What an amazing trip! It would be lovely to hear your thoughts and comments about our visit to Robin Wood. Which was your favourite activity? Did you learn any new skills?

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  • Jake says:

    My favourite activity was the crate challenge because it involved problem solving skills and I liked the feeling of falling down through the air. At Robin Wood I fought my fear of heights on activities like the giant swing and the trapeze.

  • Jenna says:

    When I first set off for Robin Wood I was a bit scared that I would miss my mum and get upset but when I was there I was loving it. There were so many fun activities and the days were jam packed:not a minute was wasted. It was an early start every morning,which I didn’t really like. Every night, the night staff stayed up all night to make sure we are okay during the bed times. The bed times were very strict so that we were not tired for the next morning. We went to bed at nine O’clock and had one hour to chat then at ten pm it was lights out, which meant no talking. In the morning the night staff would knock on the door and wake us up ready for breakfast that was at eight am. The activities were really fun. My favourites were: zip wire, giant swing, piranha pool and raft building. I would love to go again if I ever had the chance to and I’m sad its over. I would definitely recommend this trip for the next Year Sixes.

  • Samuel says:

    I was actually buzzing about Robin Wood since the day we got informed about it back in year 5. Me and my class were jumping up and down on the day we were excited on the motorway and we kept mithering our teachers about how long it was until we arrived. It was really fun and I enjoyed every last bit of it!

  • Ammarah says:

    Robin wood was so much fun. I was so anxious about jumping in the lake but I came out laughing. My goal at Robin Wood was to try everything and conquer my fears and I managed to do that.

  • Imogen says:

    My favourite activity was the giant swing because you went extremely high into the air and you had to pull a string to swing which was VERY scary in my opinion.

  • Chloe says:

    On our Year 6 residential we visited Robin Wood in Todmorden. We stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights. My favourite activity was definitely the zipwire. All the activities are aimed at 8 to 11 year olds. I definitely recommend it to the Year 5 class. Some of the activities we did were great:trapeze,climbing,zipwire and giant swing.

  • Izzy says:

    My favourite part of our trip to Robin Wood by far was the climbing wall.
    I was given the chance to climb the wall blindfolded on one colour!It did get very confusing with different people shouting different thing trying to get me to move my hands before my feet. At some point I shouted down to them I needed to move my hands or just didn’t move. 2 others attempted to climb the wall blind folded but not on one colour.

  • Daniel A says:

    From the one day I was there I enjoyed it. My favourite thing I did was the ‘Piranha pool’. I was very good at the puzzles we had to solve so that we could escape. Jamie, our teamleader, tricked us in to falling in the cold water.

  • Joshua says:

    Whilst I was at Robin Wood I had a brilliant time. My favourite activities were caving,giant swing and zip wire.

  • Ruby says:

    For the past couple of days we have been at Robin Wood for a year 6 trip. We went to different activities through out the couple of days we there were some fun one and some scary ones. I did everything there even the trapeze that was the scariest thing of my life well not really but it was scary.
    Most of the activites were fun but most were terrifying Me and Jenna want on the giant swing together she made my pull the rope but it was so fun I am glad I did everthing there I had a blast doing everthing like Trapeze Canoing Rafting and Caving its so fun u NEED to go

  • Imogen says:

    Caving was fun as well. Some groups had to find one body which was hidden in the caves, we [Dune] found two. We called them Jeff and Katie.

  • Ben says:

    Robin Wood was absolutely amazing. Every activity was so good. My favourite part of Robin Wood was the giant swing – it was so good! I also enjoyed the zipwire it was so good.

  • Oscar says:

    Robin Wood was an amazing experience! My favourite activity was the zip wire because it was very fast. It was seven metres high and some people thought it was high.

  • Sophia says:

    I really enjoyed Robin Wood because all of the activities were really fun and the instructors were very reassuring and supportive which is one of the key points for being an instructor.

  • Daniel S says:

    Robin Wood was epic and I loved it so much that I didn’t want to come home! My favourite activities were archery,climbing and canoeing. In archery I got six bulls-eyes! I was in group Lava and everyone in my group called me Robin Hood.

  • Dylan says:


    Robin wood was really great and exciting! It was great fun and we learned a lot of skills such as canoeing etc. Zipwire was especially one of the best activities that stood out and I’m sure it’s not just me that loved it – many others did too. Our group leaders were Hayden, Katie and James. They were really nice and kind and they showed us a lot of things.

    The teachers were also a part of our team I was in Lava there was also groups such as Dunes and Volcano the teachers also were very much involved in all the activities in the time we were there. The dinners and lunch were also delicious such as bacon,toast,waffles, and sausages the dorms were also very clean a spacious!


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