Autumn 2- The Age of the Conquerors

This half term our project is titled The Age of the Conquerors. In this project we will be learning about the Vikings and Anglo Saxons, how and why invasions happened, where settlements were and how people lived. We will create timelines to help us understand events and why they happened. We  will explore artefacts and will discuss similarities and differences between Vikings and Anglo Saxons and will even have the opportunity to dress up. We will find out how settlers travelled to and around the UK and also explore creating our own Viking longboats as part of design and technology. 

  • Who invaded Britain and where did they come from?

  • Were they an important part of British history? Why?

  • Explain why they invaded Britain?

  • Find out how they travelled to and around the UK?

  • Where were the settlements in the UK?

  • Can you find any Anglo and Saxon or Viking Myths or Legends?

  • Can you find any information about the invaders lives and settlements in the UK?

  • Have you been to any settlements?

  • Who was King Harold?

  • What did they wear?

  • What can you find out about Valhalla?

  • Who was Alfred the Great?


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