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November 23rd, 2017 | Posted by Mrs Ashton in Teacher Posts | Year 4 Archive

This week we have been planning our myths linked to our project and next week we will begin to write them. As part of your story you thought about a mythical creature that will be included in your heroes journey. On this blog page I would like you to write a detailed description about your mythical creature. Take your time, think carefully about the detail, describe your mythical creatures appearance, use powerful adjectives that will really help to build a clear picture of your mythical creature in my mind. If you have time you could start to describe the setting where you creature lives too.

I am confident that you will produce some great descriptions for the world to read.

Have a go at using similes and metaphors to describe your mythical creature such as;

  • Hydras teeth were like vicious daggers
  • His tail was fierce like a whip lashing in the wind
  • He had teeth like tombstones and eyes like the moon
  • …with wings as powerful as an Eagles
  • Her feathers were as fragile as glass


Here is a little example to start you on the right track;

I stumbled upon this magnificent creature in a magical, enchanting forest. With wings as powerful as an eagles and eyes as dark as the night, I watched it swoop effortlessly between the tall trees, soaring high and low amongst the treetops. With marble eyes it could spot its prey from a distance with ease. The Griffin had a tail like a slithering snake which swished side to side as he danced through the night sky…





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  • Dante says:

    My characters for my myth “The Scene” are Dareth’s Holy Griffin with the powers of sunshine, the evil Demon Tretor (Devil) with the powers of midnight. My Odyess which is Jay the Oydess of lightning and also I have The Hero (Main character) Dareth the wonderful knight.
    Dareth finds a Odyess and gets a clue then gets a riddle finds a Griffin for the journey to defeat Tretor and claim back his lair,but his cursed sword takes him on a big adventure.

  • Finley says:

    My mythical beast is a snow-white Pegasus. It has beautiful wings like a strong bold eagle’s and legs that go as quick as lightening. It’s head is as powerful as a battling ram. This overpowered Pegasus lived in the palace of the mighty kingdom and is the most precious thing ever to Vladmir the hero.

  • Rae says:

    My main character is a small girl called Lilly she is 14 years old and she has beautiful brown hair that shines in the dark. She has lusious lips and has a dress the colour of roses.

  • Saarah says:

    My mythical creature is a unicorn who has a swirly sparkly rainbow horn and It has long purple hair.

  • Finn says:

    My mythycal creature is a humongous,petrifying, magma giant. It has long burning tenticals around its hard stail mouth and has bloodshot orange eyes. It lets out a huge deathaning roar and can spit hissing lava puddles that burn through wood as they disappear in to ash. It can swim in lava as hot as the sun and is as slow as a snail. It could devour a city in seconds and has blood made from scorching hot lava. The beast is also as evil as anything and would gobble up a human as quick as lightning bolt.

  • Darcy says:

    I have two Beast one is going to be a two headed unicorn with razor sharp teeth. With one scrape of the hove you are going to be dead. My other beast is a ugly goblin you will becom blind if you dare to look at him. My hero is called Saffy the superhero she has gouges brown hair with a scarlet red top and a dark purple skirt.

  • Joseph says:

    To mrs Ashton
    My beast is a two sided three headed hydra it’s middle head shoots burning plasma and the other heads shoot burning fire and its tail is covered in acid spikes and his legs are as fast as the wind itself,also his body colour is like a burning shadow. His eyes can burn through any source of material. The hydra gets bigger every time it eats anything. It also has another side that hesitates to battle and in the battle zilla. Zilla a young man who has a huge house in the tree top with lots of training rooms in it. His personality has not got much jokes in him so he doesn’t laugh a lot and he is not yo chatty and looks up to the god knowing he will have to go up there once.

  • Aaminah says:

    My mythical beast is a Unicorn.It has pearly white skin and is beautiful.It also has a magical and delicate horn.It’s hair is rainbow.

  • Mason says:

    My character is from my myth (the killer gremlins) my beasts are called gremlins and they are as small as small as a minion and as dirty as mud, they have five large, sharp teeth as well as green gloomey skin. My gremlins are really mean and come out at night stealing all of the golds. Any human that goes near them they will eat them until there bits. The hero is super he is always there to save the people. He has long sticking up hair and he is like a giant, he has a special weapon that can hipmatise anyone.

  • Adam says:

    In my story I have two main characters wich are called Filix and Osccy. In my story my mythical creature is a Demon wich can possess any living or dead soil.
    Filix and Osccy live in Asgard and are brothers. The Demon is the only beast that is invisible but it was seen and hear are some descriptions of the beast.
    The beast has the most raging eyes in the world and his claws are sparcly ruby.

  • Oliver B says:

    My main chariter is caled Hogarth and he has scarlet red top and azure pants he also has blond sillcy hear.My mythical beast is a lion with three shark heads and Brons wings

  • Ashton says:

    My mythical beast is a violet red kraken it is as fast as lightning he lives under water in a cave the cave is towards the southeast of America.

  • Lexi says:

    My mythical beast is going to be a unicorn as Wight as snow. She has pearly pink, blue and purple horn. Her main is a beautiful pink coulour. Her wings are lucious when she flys. She lives in Freyja neaclase in Asguard
    I can’t wait to wright my myth!
    Thank you Mrs Ashton .

  • Mrs Ashton says:

    well done Year 4 these are fantastic descriptions. We have really focused on this in class this week so I wonder if you could now write an improved description? Perhaps you could write a description about one of the dragons we have looked at in class.

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