Lego Wedo Workshop

May 1st, 2018 | Posted by Mrs Ashton in Teacher Posts | Year 4 Archive

As part of our learning linked to computing, we went on a trip to Smithills ICT to take part in a Lego Wedo workshop. We were set a challenge to build a model following instructions and then programme the model to move and complete various different tasks. We had such a great morning, we were able to work at our own pace and adapt our models as we progressed. We had so much fun and would love to do it again.

Watch the video below to find out more.


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4 Responses

  • Evie says:

    I really enjoyed this trip. My partner was Lexi and we worked really well together but on the second model we really struggled and we had to start again.

  • Lexi says:

    I loved the Lego we do trip the reason is because I love Lego and realy like trips so it is the perfect combination. My partner was Evie. I think me and Evie worked good together and Evie helped me find stuff when I couldn’t find it. Thank you Mrs Ashton for letting us go to this trip. I enjoyed it very much.

  • Cameron says:

    I loved the Lego wedo trip it was fun but l did have to change my partner half way through.

  • Aaminah says:

    I loved the Lego wedo workshop as Lego is one of my favourite things to play with. My partner was Sarah . We worked really well together and found the first model easy. But it was the second one that was very hard. Thank you Mrs Ashton for letting us go to this trip about Lego. It was great !!!!!

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