Brockholes Trip

June 18th, 2018 | Posted by Mrs Ashton in Teacher Posts | Year 4 Archive

Last week we¬†visited Brockholes as part of our project ‘The Circle of Life’. We had such a great day and learned so many new things. We went pond dipping and found some very interesting creatures, learned about food chains and what producers, predators and prey are, played in the play area and explored the meadow and forest for minibeasts. We were so lucky with the weather too!

Here are some of the photographs from the trip. Take a look and share them with your families so they can see what exciting things we got up to.

Comment underneath and tell me about all the new things you learned during the trip.


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  • Dante says:

    Please can you go again so then I can come because It looks so much fun and because I won’t be going on holiday any time soon so yeah can you go again.

  • Finn says:

    I loved the trip to brockholes was fun and interesting I learned A lot!

  • Aaminah says:

    Going to Brockholes was soooooooooooo much fun ! I wish we could go again. I learnt lots of new things

  • Harry WR says:

    I loved this trip is was awesome I had sooooooooo much fun can we go again please pretty please.

  • Haris says:

    Finn we all learnt a lot

  • Dante says:

    Someone will have to maybe show me around because I also have never been in my whole entire life and really want to go but my mum thought the trip was probably boring when it’s really not.

  • Evie says:

    I’m definitely asking my mum if I can go again. My favourite part was pond dipping because I caught a sea snail. I also caught three damsel flys and two moths. We should go again it was the best school trip yet.

  • Cameron says:

    I loved brockholes even thoe I have been there before.

  • Leo says:

    The trip to brockholes was awesome it was a long trip but it was wer th every second my favourite part was the pond diping we learnt so much and caught a lot of bugs,moths and much more I hope I get to go there again it was awesome thanks Mrs Ashton for the awesome trip

  • Ethan says:

    I think that Brockholes was a great success I really loved it,I thought that it was the best trip I have ever been to. My best part was when we cought all the moths and insects like damsel flies and red and black moths. We also got to go on the park,the good thing about that was that I pushed everyone on the swing and me and mason were laughing when we pushed it really high. When we got home I told my mum all about it.

  • Haris says:

    I loved the trip it was amazing we learnt about 2 different flies and we explored different bugs in the pond we did a quiz about animals I really really want to go again

  • Aidan says:

    I love the the trip and my favourite parts were pondiping and EATING WAS SOO NICE I LOVE FOOOD

  • Isabel says:

    I really enjoyed the brockholes it was sooo much fun!! My favourite part about brockholes is when wedid the pond dipping it was really good and fun. We saw lots of dansel flys which were bright blue and when we got there we saw theese beautiful,smart ladies there names were lauren and catheren. They were so nice and the second thing we did was go out on the look out which was we had to find theese tiny little frogs which was really scary because they were soooooo small! So we had to wath out and it was a really fun trip and i hope we go again soon.

  • Mason says:

    When we went to brock holes for our year 4 school trip it was really fun. I liked it when we all got in the coach and sat with all my friends at the back. When we arrived we got in our goups and went to the look out. In the lookout we did a quiz and our teem lost, it was still realy fun though because I got to answer atleast 1 question. After the look out we went to the park and this was the thing I was realy exited about. There was lots and lots of things at the park like a swinging tire, a swinging bowl, and a stone pit. After the park we went in a forest to catch a bug for a container. I caught nothing but a fly. When we got back into the coach I sat next to my friends again.

  • Finley says:

    The Brockholes trip was amazing I had so much fun and I wouldn’t mind going again so that Dante can come. Eventhough I just said that the hole thing was epic still the best part was lunch because it was delicous. My actual favourite part (apart from lunch) was the park because it was so much fun. Over all I think it was BRILLIANT! and maybe, just maybe it was one of the BEST trips ever!

  • Ashton says:

    i really enjoyed brockholes we did brilliant things there like going in the forrest and bug catching and in the meadow we caught flys and all those creachers then we went pond dipping and on a play area

  • Saul says:

    I really liked the trip to brockholes I learnt a lot of new things about this trip was awsome I really want to go again. My favourite part was the quiz because I was brilliant at guesing the animals the park was so fun when we did bug caching that was very fun I caught 2 moths and a cricket loads of beetles and 2 damsel fly .

  • Lexi says:

    At brockholes i learnt lots and lots of things I was in a team with Amelia ,Harry wr,Ashton and me of course. My teacher for the day was Miss Ralph. My favourite part was the pond dipping. I learnt about this type of spit and you should find a little creature living in there how they do this is they eat leaves and then they produce this spit but the reason they produce the spit is because they want to hide from preditors they normally do this on the stem of plant.

  • Ahmed says:

    This was one of my best trip in my life because we did lots of activity so and we saw lots of animals.
    My partner was Leo on the way.
    But on the way back I sat with Ethan.
    My favourite part was when we went to the park and also the best ride was the one that swings really high.

  • Darcy says:

    I agree withe Adam and Dante

  • Saarah says:

    The brockholes trip was amazing. I liked the pondiping the best because there were interesting animals in the pond like: snails,Greater boatmen and Boatmen.We saw Damsilflies that looked like dragonflies.

  • Oliver B says:

    I realy liked the brockholes trip because we got to try pond dipping,bug caching and learnt about different types of bugs and insects.when we were on the way to the lookout the people that we met told us not to step on mini frogs when we got to the lookout we did a quiz I nearly got all the questions the trip was great success it was so good that non of it was my faveroute .

  • Harry K says:

    The Brokels trip it was the best in school. I loved the trip the best was the activates. Thank you for the trip .

  • Amelia says:

    I loved the trip to brick holes! My favourite part was when we went to the park and lunchtime. The people called Kathryn and Elizibeth. My favourite thing to do on the park was the tire swing and this thing that you swing around on. I hates the insect catching because all my group caught was a single moth.

  • Harry WR says:

    At the Brock holes trip first we got there we met our helpers and we did a quiz they were really hard questions but my team won then next we left the room and went pond dipping it was AWSOME we all caught something fabulous and we found lots of little things.Next we went to the bathroom and washed our hands so we could eat dinner yum I was starving . After dinner we went to the park for 20 minutes and then we went bug hunting in the meadow I caught a damsel fly and a dragonfly next we went I the woods and went bug hunting it was awesome and last we went back I fell asleep on the coach.

  • Aaminah says:

    I loved the trip at Brockholes it was soooooooooooooooooo much fun. My favourite bit when we went Brockholes was the pond dipping because I caught lots of different things.we also played at a playground and had lots and lots of fun. We also went in a forest and caught some mini beasts ,and then we went in the meadow , so we all could catch some butterflys , moths and other things like that

  • Declan says:

    The trip to brokholes was a realy good trip because we did all diferent activities.First we went on the coach, then we went to the look out to put our food in ready for our dinner, then we stayed in the look out and did a quiz.The quiz was about different sorts of animals, who ever got the answer right they got the point but if non of the the teams got it right the adults tryed to answer the question and if they got it right they got a point for the adults.Then we went to pond dip, in pond dipping we got a net and then we started catching some animals in the pond.After that we went to eat our dinner in the look out.

  • Matthew says:

    When we went to brockholes it was fun because we caught moths,dragon flys and damsel fly after that we went bug hunting I trying to find a bug but Aidan’s mum helps me try and find a bug and we found a bug called a frog jumper. After we got back from brockholes. We all had a fun day.

  • Aaminah says:

    I absolutely loved it. It was the best trip in Year 4 !

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