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As part of our English we have been learning about deforestation. We have discovered some shocking facts about the amount of rainforest that is destroyed each day.

Please write here to share your opinion about deforestation.

How do you feel about it?

Are you worried about the habitats and animals that are being destroyed?

Are you worried about your children’s futures?


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  • Dante says:

    Deforestation is the thing that I am worrying about because If there is no trees left there will not be much oxygen to breath in. If we were to breath in carbon dioxide then we could possibly die or get really poorly and sick. I am also worried about younger people than me because I might not die but they might which is still really worrying. I may survive because I have a forest right across the road and a tree right outside my house so I may be fine but my friends might not.

  • Evie says:

    I do not agree with deforestation. Way to help: schools use laptops instead of paper. Do you really want to kill animals you never knew about ? Would you like to struggle breathing ?

  • Oliver B says:

    I think deforestation is horendes it is making animals Homeless and some of them might even become extinct the main reason for this is to farm cattle and make room for roads.People are cutting down trees for them to make a houses.Pepole are trying to make new ones but the only problem with that is they take forever to grow and they need to be able to get really tall.fact:imagine a footballpich times that by twenty and that is the amount that happens every sixty seconds.

  • Harry K says:

    Deforestation is when a number of trees are Copt down , flooded and buning them down. This is a threat to the envaremt. This shod stop NOW.

  • Harry WR says:

    Deforestation is a bad thing and it needs to stop so that’s why we are doing everything we can to stop it .

  • Finn says:

    Deforestation is TERRIBLE and needs to stop!
    I hate it and hope it stops. It causes pollution and just use computers to type
    instead of paper!⛏=

  • Ahmed says:

    Deforestation is very bad because it is making less oxygen and at the same time it is good because it is making more food for the people and also it wold make more space for all the people on the earth.
    About 1/5 of the world is made of rainforests and also every 60seconds 20 football pitches have bin destroyed

  • Aaminah says:

    I am against Deforestation because it is destroying the environment and effecting humans and animals. We need to have trees because we use them to breathe. If there was no trees it would be more difficult to breathe as trees provide clean oxygen and get rid of harmful carbon dioxide.

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