Year 4

July 13th, 2018 | Posted by Mrs Ashton in Teacher Posts | Uncategorized | Year 4 Archive

As we approach the end of Year 4 I would like you to reflect on the past year.

What have you enjoyed the most?

What was your most memorable experience?

What are you looking forward to learning about in Year 5?

What are your aspirations for the future and have they changed?

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  • Dante says:

    I have really enjoyed year 4 because we always do fun learning and always do my favourite subjects like maths , P.E and also science.I’m looking forward to year 5 because It will be fun and we will do nice things although I might not like leaving year 4 because it has been really fun. I’m also looking forward to learning about unusual things that not many people may know.

  • Saarah says:

    My favourite part about year 4 is Mrs Ashton and Miss Ralph because they are kind and helpful.

  • Isabel says:

    In year five i am looking forward to knowing Miss Shaw better and also Miss Ralph is our teaching accisdant yayyyyy!! I am really looking forward for year five. I hope we do amazing,lovely things like science and when it is sunny we could go outside and do learning and i wonder what Miss Shaw thinks about us?

  • Ashton says:

    i enjoyed all the science we did and i am looking forward for the trips and all the maths beacause i love adventues and i love working things out and i love times tables

  • Aidan says:

    I am looking forward to learn about America because America is my favrioute country and its very interesting e

  • Harry K says:

    I have had a fun time in year 4 it has bin amazing my best bit was when we did the trip to Brokls trip it was a good I hope we can go another trip. I want to get a pen lies it will be the best.

  • Aidan says:

    I have had the best year in year 4 because Mrs Ashton is a nice teacher and miss Ralph and all the things we have done was really fun

  • Oliver F says:

    I do agree with deforestation because they are chopping and fluding the area so they are getting rid of animals homes.The main reason is for cattle for more meat because there is more people in the world but every 60 seconds the size of 20 football pitches that Is hurrendous!You can stop it by texting letters instead of using a piece of paper.

  • Oliver F says:

    Oops I mean I don’t agree with deforestation

  • Declan says:

    In year five I am looking forward to the project America and i want to learn about learn about dollars because how much would five dollars be in pounds. In year five I am also looking forward to learn about Donald trump because I want to learn about his job and what he dose for his job.
    In year four I have been exited for p.e because we have been doing rounders or we have do cickball rounders .Throughout year four I have a ichived my platinum times table award , sertificet of acivement for brilliant rounder skills and I got secret superstar for a brilliant throw in rounders . I got it because Mr Grundy was on the other team I and Mr Grundy hit the ball past everyone but the ball bounced into my hands so I looked up and I saw mr Grundy run past second base so I threw the ball and hoped for the best and I actually hit him on the shoulder.

  • Haris says:

    I enjoyed year 4 because I love our teacher SOOO MUCH!!!!!!! She is the BEST teacher EVER She cares about us so much I love maths it is my favourite subject I also like sketching I am really good at it I achieve a lot of things and I hope I get to know are new teacher for year5.q

  • Darcy says:

    I love our time in year 4 I wish I had some kind of an invention which I could stay in year 4.
    What I loved most in the past year was going to brockholes I loved the day out.
    I am looking forward to year 5 but my mum is really scared about me being a grown up.
    I am going to miss you miss Ashton.

  • Joseph says:

    I loved year four because evreyone is awsome and amazing year here is an acrostic poem about it.
    Year four is the best.
    Evreyone is equal.
    Anyone can join.
    Right to help anyone.
    4 evreyone is year 4/5.
    Some of my memorable moments are when it was philosophy finley picked up a phone in his house and he said it was a agent of some kind and he said his name was jack and finley hung up on him. Also, once I was playing football with my friends when dec kicked the ball really high and evreyone was turning around like where is it so it came down and hit leo’s head. A lot of the teachers have been good since year 2 like miss anwar mrs robertson but mrs ashton new us since the end of year three because miss anwar was only with for one half of the year so mrs ashton took over. Miss anwar was a great teacher and all but never as better as mrs ashton she was always one step a head of miss anwar and thats my life of year four.


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