Autumn Two – The Terrible Tudors

Were the Tudors really so bad?

This term in Year Five, we will be learning all about the Tudors. There are lots of areas that you can research and explore. Here are some starting points for discussion on our blog:

  • Who were the Tudors? When was the Tudor period?
  • How did England change during this time?
  • Who do you think was the most interesting Tudor monarch?
  • Why did Henry VIII have so many wives?
  • Why is Queen Mary nicknamed ‘Bloody Mary’?
  • Who was the last Tudor to reign over England?

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Here is a catchy song all about King Henry and his wives. What information can you find out from the lyrics? Watch here

If you visit YouTube and type in Horrible Histories – The Tudors, there are lots more informative and gruesome videos available!

You could also test your knowledge in this Tudor quiz: Play now

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