Circle of Life- Summer 2

Our final project in Year 4 is called the ‘Circle of Life’. As part of this project will be looking at animals and their habitats, the rainforest, life cycles, food chains and answering the project question- are humans producers, predators or prey?

Have a look on this website to start off your research or you could also;

  • Investigate different life cycles

  • Explore rainforests around the world and look at their layers

  • Find out what producers, predators and prey means

  • Find out about the digestive system in humans and what happens to our bodies when we eat.

  • Use a map or atlas┬áto locate different rainforests

We will hopefully be visiting Brockholes as part of our project. Have a look on their website to find out more information about the centre before visit.


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  • Aaminah says:

    My favourite animal is a Fox because Foxes are cute and interesting to learn about there are also some Foxes in the Polar region ( the North and South Pole ) which are called artic Foxes

  • Dante says:

    Food chains are quite difficult to make to me and I struggle unless I have all animals,producers on cards in front of me.
    Here are some food chains
    Leaf : Producer -> Caterpillar : Primary consumer -> Bird : Secondry consumer -> Cat : Tertiary consumer, predator.

  • Finn says:


    Did you know the only bird that can fly bacwards is the humming bird?
    Did you know penguins and chickens can’t fly?
    Did you know that humans evolved from apes but they don’t any more because the species was extinct?!

  • Evie says:

    Here are some food chains
    Human eats a cow a cow eats grass
    The frog eats a slug a slug eats the grass

  • Aidan says:

    I love animals because they are so many typs of animals and they are so fascinating a lot to learn ab

  • Joseph says:

    This is one my favrioute projects this year because we have learnt a lot about amazing things abut cool animals we have learnt about food chains and life cycles.

  • Matthew says:

    Cheetahs is the fastest land animal in the world. Did you know? That cheetahs are 80-120km/h.

  • Finn says:

    There is millions of animals from tiny little fleas to humongous whales!
    My favourite animals are gorillas, alligators, dogs, cats, penguins and chickens!

  • Harry WR says:

    This is the best project of the whole of year 4 I hope we can go in the woods to do bug hunting before year 5 because year 5 is going to be hard so we will have to do lots of work I hope we can go bug hunting

  • Finn says:

    If I could rename an animal I’d rename the pig and call it the Doled!

  • Dante says:

    If you think you know about life cycles you may think that they’re easy but I have a life cycle that nobody will be able to solve really here it is what came first if you need a egg to make a chicken but you need a chicken to make an egg how would it work unless you think about like God because he created animals but back to life cycles. I really liked Joseph’s life cycle because It was actually really good and looked pretty accurate.

  • Ahmed says:

    My favourite animal is a cheetah because it is very fast and I like it because the bones stick out like me.
    Cheetahs speed is 80- 120km per hour (in shot bursts,running)
    The mas of an adult of is 21 – 72KG.
    There is also different kind of animals like anphibions, insects, mammals , reptiles, fish and birds.
    Cheetahs are in th column of the mammals because they do not lay eggs and they are warm blooded.

  • Lexi says:


    Penguins are birds but we do not fly instead I swim.There long sharp claws help them grip the ice. They live in the artic. There ears are underneath the orange fur. They recognise each other by voices not by sight. When they are adults they are about the size off a three four year old. They use their flippers to swim in the ocean and they have very loud voices. While the mums and dads find food the chick stay close together.

  • Adam says:

    In a food chain there is a primary,secandery and tershary cunsuma

  • Amelia says:

    Here are some rainforest locations,

    Congo Rive Basin Rainforest (Africa), Madagascar rainforest (Africa), Amazon rainforest (South America), Central rainforests of America (America), Olympic rainforest (North America), Rain Forests of southeas (Asia)
    Here are some facts about Insects,
    The Ladybird is actually a Beetle. A honey bee colone actually produce 100kg of honey that’s 220 jars, a sea skaters leg hairs trap air, enabling it to float on water. Male giraffe weevil use their long necks to fights. Mosquitos are attracted to feet.

  • Ethan says:

    I think that I have learnt a lot this project and there are very interesting things to learn about I have learnt what animals eat and there food chain and if there are a producer ,a consumer,a secondary consumer and the tertiary consumer.

  • Ashton says:

    Tigers acctually are danger to a load of things like humans and other animals

  • Aaminah says:

    In class we have been doing food chains, as part of our project ” the circle of life “.here is a simple food chain , a caterpillar eats a leaf , then a bird eats the caterpillar,after that a cat would eat the bird .Our new project is very interesting and I am glad we have this project because I absolutely love animals and it is also very fun learning more about animals.

  • Matthew says:

    My favourite animal is a cheetah because they’re fast and I like big cats and tiny cats. And I love Cheetahs because I like there pattern and the colour of the fur like my kitten called Bella.

  • Saul says:

    Hear are some food chain
    Berry>mouse>tawny owl
    Plankton>fish>big fish>shark

  • Harry K says:

    The animals are all mammals are human,Lepidus and hippos these are mammals because they have fur or give birth.

  • Finley says:

    My favourite animal is a Gorilla because they’re really cool and strong. My favourite type of Gorilla is a Silver Back because when you look at them their backs glimmer in the sun. I also like them because they are like Tarzan when they swing from branch to branch.

  • Harry WR says:

    I am looking forword to learning about America it will be fun.

  • Oliver F says:

    If I could any animal in the world I would have to get a emperor tamarin which is a monkey because they are really cute and they have a beard.My Nan would probably get a Italian whippet or a Rat but if she had the spaces she would get a horse.My Dad would get a Manchester terrier or a retriever because he really like sporty dogs.My Brother would get a schnauzer I don’t know why but he likes dogs with a beard and quite a lot of hair.

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