Spring 2- Money, Money, Money

This half term we will be learning all about money. We will learn about taxes, and how people deal with budgeting, debt, loans and interest.  We will think about the careers we would like as we grow up and what skills we will need to do these jobs. We will also take part in a mini enterprise where you will work in your kagan groups to run a small business in order to make a profit.

If you have any foreign currency at home you could bring it to school so we can record on our world map the different currencies around the world.

Use this blog and your research logs to record learning linked to our new project. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Ø  What different currencies are there around the world?

Ø  What does a bank do and why do we keep our money there?

Ø  Make a list of different things you would save up for. How much would you need to save?

Ø  Find out what money was like in the past.

Ø  Practise your maths skills when out shopping. Try to keep a total of how much you/your family is spending. 

Ø  Find out about different jobs and careers. What skills are needed? You could even interview your family about the skills they need for their jobs.

Ø  Write a list of the advantages and disadvantages of having a lot of money.


Here are some games linked to money. https://www.everyschool.co.uk/maths-key-stage-2-money.html

Have you ever ‘saved up’ for anything?



13 Responses

  • Isabel says:

    Money is great because you can buy stuff and you can save up for something and you can act 1 billion air.

  • Isabel says:

    Money is great because it makes our world much easier.

  • Rae says:

    In our lives we need money because you would be poor or you wouldn’t be able to by anything so you wouldn’t be able to go to school because you wouldn’t be able to get the school uniform .

  • Harry WR says:

    Money is great because it makes are world much easyer for people in the world

  • Oliver F says:

    Footballers get a lot of money this is only some of them Ronald=32,Messi=40 million,Neymar=36.8 million,Gareth Bale=15 million,Ronaldinho=9.6 million,Sanchez=26 million,Rooney=13 million!Docters,vets and surgeons get quite a bit of money aswell and they kind of deserve it for sometimes for saving peoples’ life’s and vets get a decent amount of money because they save animals life’s.So the vets and doctors are kind of the same ecsept one helps animals and the other helps people with what ever they have and were ever they have it.But surgeons however sometimes have to operate on your heart and blood vessels in order for you stay alive or atleast help you get around better if its your leg they literally operate anywhere including your head and sometimes your bones to help you stay alive or get on with life like it was back to normal so if you want to earn some money I recommend one of these jobs to get some money and get famous and rich.If you try to become any of these good look!

  • Declan says:

    These are some famous footballers and how much money they get.
    Messi gets 40m eurose
    Ronaldo gets 32m eurose
    Neymar gets 36.8m eurose
    Paul pogba gets 15.8m eurose and
    Ronaldinho gets 9.6 m eurose.

  • Aidan B says:

    It is better for everyone to have money because the world will be a better place also i saved up for the Nintendo switch but now I’m saving up for a PS4

  • Ahmed says:

    Aisia is the largest continent in the world,and it is rich in natural resources such as metal. There are nearly 50 countries,from Russia in the north to Indonesia in the south. Each country has its own currency. Some currencies are well known ,such as Indian rupee ,the Tai Bahat,the Japenese yen and the Russia rouble. Other currencies,such as the Maku pataka,Kaza Khslan tenge,and the Laos Kip are less well known.

  • Aaminah says:

    Money is really good because if you didn’t have money you wouldn’t be able to have a home or you wouldn’t be able to by any food or drink

  • Mason says:

    I think money is great because you can be a billion air and you can get lots and lots of things like the biggest mansion ever.

  • Finley says:

    I think money is great for people. Without money life would be boring and people wouldn’t have to earn money because it wouldn’t be a thing. Also no one would be rich and no one would be homeless because it would be impossible to be either.

  • Harry WR says:

    America : dollars
    England: pound
    Hong Kong : cent

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