Summer One – To Infinity and Beyond

It is finally time for one of my favourite projects, and one that I know you are all excited about…  Space! There are lots of interesting things planned for us this half term: learning about our solar system, making digital space animations and of course our trip to Jodrell Bank!

Lots of you already know some interesting facts that you can share on our blog page, but if you are stuck for ideas to research then have a think about the article below.

This week in the news, astronomers have published this picture of a black hole. Can you find out why this is so news worthy, what a black hole is and why they are so tricky to photograph?

Image result for first black hole picture bbc

Here are some other questions you could consider in your research:

Why would Venus or Neptune not be a great holiday destination?

What might you see on your journey if you were travelling to the moon?

What is the most important skill to be an astronaut and why?

How do astronauts in the International Space Station cope without gravity?


You can also visit NASA’s website to find out about their latest missions and play games on their Kids Club page here

Image result for apollo 11    Image result for meteor  Image result for planets



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