This half term our project is titled The Age of the Conquerors. In this project we will be learning about the Vikings and Anglo Saxons, how and why invasions happened, where settlements were and how people lived. We will create timelines to help us understand events and why they happened. We  will explore artefacts and …
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We have been reading Toro! Toro! linked to our project Spain. I wanted to ask you some questions about the text and your opinions about the book. Why do you think I chose this book to link to our project? What do you think Toro! Toro! means? What do you predict will happen in the …
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This week we have been discussing bullfighting in Spain and we are going to take part in a philosophy session linked to bullfighting. I am interested to know your thoughts about bullfighting either before or after the philosophy session and the reasons for your thinking. It is quite a gruesome topic to discuss at times …
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Spring 1 The Victorians

December 21st, 2016 | Posted by Miss Anwar in Teacher Posts | Year 3 Archive - (1 Comments)

The Victorians This half term we will be learning about The Victorians. We will explore what life was like for children during Victorian times, how teaching and learning in schools was very different to today and finding out more information about significant people during the Victorian times. What do you already know about The Victorians? …
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Our next project for half term is called marvellous Mountains’ and what an exciting project it is going to be! We will be looking at different types of rocks and how they are formed, we will also be looking at mountain ranges and volcanoes. As well as all that exciting stuff we will learning about …
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Our first project to start us off in year 3 is called ‘When the bombs fell!’ In this project we will be looking at world war 1 and 2 and the effect these wars had on peoples lives. We will find out when the wars started and ended. We will also look at how these …
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Spring 1 Muck, Mess and Mixtures

December 17th, 2015 | Posted by The Oaks in Year 2 Archive - (34 Comments)

This term we will be learning about materials. We will be investigating how different foods melt at different temperatures and we will be recording our observations in different ways. We will also be finding out where our food comes from and trying out some recipes in the classroom. Why not look at some recipes at …
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Autumn 2 Castles and Palaces

October 22nd, 2015 | Posted by The Oaks in Year 2 Archive - (55 Comments)

Castles and Palaces Our new project is all about castles, palaces, knights, kings, queens, princes and princesses! We will be using our history, art and science skills during the next half term. What is this building called? Who lives here? What can you find out about The Royal Family?   Where is this castle? Do …
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Autumn 1 Mills and Machines

July 23rd, 2015 | Posted by The Oaks in Year 1 Archive - (25 Comments)

Mills and Machines Welcome to Year 2. Our first project is called ‘Mills and Machines’. We will be learning about the history of Bolton and trying to find out why Bolton has so many mills. Do you recognise this building?   Where is it?       Why was it built?      Who built it?      What is the building …
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May 29th, 2015 | Posted by The Oaks in Year 1 Archive - (12 Comments)

              We don’t have any pets at the Bullen House. Do you have any pets? Who has the most pets in Year 1? Does anyone have an unusual pet?