The Victorians


This half term, you will be learning all about the Victorian era . You will find out who the Victorians were, what they were like and how this period in British history has impacted upon life and society today. In class, we will be having a Victorian workshop where you will be able to really find out what life was like for a Victorian child at school.

Some things you could research and blog about are:

  • Queen Victoria

  • Victorian children

  • Victorian school-life

  • The Children’s Act

  • Victorian jobs

  • Famous Victorians


2 Responses

  • Mrs Trainor says:

    Wow! You have found out some super information Noah. Does anybody know what types of jobs children did in the Victorian times?

  • Noah says:

    In the Victorian time children did work with machine the machine was very dangerous because if they put their hand out of place the children’s fingers will chop off and if they didn’t work they would get punished and got hit by cane. The children worked for 16 hours a day I bet the children were tired. They would hit them on the hand or the back it must of hurt.

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