Age Of The Conquerors

This half term we will be learning all about Anglo Saxons and Vikings. I am so excited to see what you can find out and read your favourite Viking facts! 

Do you remember learning about the Romans in Year 4? Well the Anglo Saxons arrived in Britain just after they had left (in around 450 AD). However, they were under constant attack from Vikings, who came from Norway, Denmark and Sweden looking for land.

Here are some questions to get you thinking about our project:

Would you rather be an Anglo Saxon or a Viking? 

How were the Vikings different from the Anglo Saxons?

Who is your favourite Viking?

What was it like to live in an Anglo Saxon village?

Which places in the UK have Viking era names?

Why did the Vikings set fire to those who had died and send them out to sea?


Check out this video to find some interesting facts! Can anybody spot the link between the Vikings and our last project?

Image result for viking longboat.Image result for viking map