Aut 2 – Walk like an Egyptian

In this project we will be travelling back in time to Ancient Egypt where Pharaohs ruled and one of the world’s greatest wonders was created. We’ll be finding out about what life would have been like, especially for children, and thinking about how we know so much about this ancient civilisation.  

Have a look at the pictures above. Can you choose one that interests you and write a blog about it?

5 Responses

  • Jacob says:

    The half lion half hippo and half crocodile Egyptian devourer of the dead is called ammit.

  • Kulsoom says:

    I know that if you are a Egyptian then when you are dead and your arms are crossed and you’re hands are on your shoulders that means you are rich and if your arms are beside your legs then you are a poor person! When Egyptians are dead and wrapped up you are put in a tomb a tomb is like a coffin and they look like a real person.

  • Aaminah says:

    The River Nile is around 6,670 km [4,160 miles] in length and is the longest river in the world. Only 22% of the Nile’s course runs through Egypt.

  • Aaminah says:

    The continent the River Nile runs through is Africa. The countries it runs through are Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Burundi and Egypt.The River Nile’s mouth is in Egypt into the Mediterranean Sea.

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