When the Bombs Fell! – Autumn 1

Welcome to Year 3!

Our first project in Year 3 this year is called ‘When the bombs fell!’ In this project we will be looking at World War 1 and 2 and the effect these wars had on peoples lives. We will find out when the wars started and ended. We will also look at how these wars have impacted on our lives now.

We will be going for a trip to Stockport Air raid shelters. For this visit we will dress in 1940’s style clothing and experience what life was actually like during world war 2 through various role play activities.

What do you think it would have been like in the 1940’s?

What clothes do you think they wore?

During this project we will be doing lots of art, DT and role play. We will be making Anderson shelters in the classroom and in forest schools.

Do you know what an Anderson shelter is and what they were used for?

Throughout the Autumn term we will be looking at:

Countries involved in the war.


What happens in an air raid.

The Blitz.

Evacuation and evacuees.


Winston Churchill, Neville Chamberlin and Adolf Hitler.

What jobs people had during the war and who’s was the most important.

Rememberance day.

To help you with your project try to find some information about these areas that we will be learning about for our project.

Click HERE to find out some really interesting information about children during WW2.

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