Autumn 2 – Here Comes The Sun

As the nights draw in earlier and winter approaches, I felt it would be a lovely to bring a little sunshine into our lives for our next Year 3 project. This topic is all about one of my favourite countries in the world, Italy.

Home to wonderful cuisine (that means food), music, fashion, sport and culture, modern day Italy really is one of the best holiday destinations on the planet, and it is just (relatively speaking) on our doorstep. It has an abundance (lots) of history too, and plenty of interesting geographical features that we will learn about together.

As well as that, we will be creating some fabulous Italian art, learning about light in Science, and doing some delicious design and technology.

Please feel free to do some of your own research and write some of your findings in a blog comment. Here are some questions to get you started.

  •           What countries are next to Italy?
  •           What continent is Italy in?
  •           What language to they speak in Italy?
  •           What is the largest river in Italy?
  •           Does Italy have a coast?
  •           What is unique about Venice?
  •           What colours are Italy’s flag?
  •           What shape is Italy?
  •           What do Italians like to eat?
  •           What do you know about Vesuvius?
  •           What does ciao mean?

I look forward to reading your comments. The best ones will receive 5 house points each… but remember, do not simply copy and paste what you have found on the internet. Instead, write it in your own words!

Ciao for now!

Mr Green

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