Summer 1 – Through the Deep, Dark wood

Through the Deep, Dark Wood

Our project this half term is Through the Deep, Dark Wood. We will be learning all about different animals and their habitats. We are going to be exploring our local area to find different living things and becoming habitat detectives. We are also going to be designing and making habitats  in design technology! Keep your eyes peeled for any living creatures and where they live.

Things you could blog about:

What is a habitat?

What is a micro habitat?

What different habitats are there?

What would animals not survive without?

Look out of your window – make a tally chart of things that are alive and things that are not alive.

Can you think of four different animals that live in a cold habitat?

Do all animals eat the same things?

I would love to see lots of blogging this half term Year 2!

Miss Gill

Watch this video and listen carefully. Can you spot any habitats for the different animals the mouse meets?


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