Autumn 1 – Yabba Dabba Do!

It is true what they say: The Stone Age rocks, and year three are going to prove it.

Over the course of this half term we will be learning:

  • How to put dates into chronological order. Did you know that the early Stone Age era dates back to 500,000BC? That’s even older than Mr Green!
  • What early hunter gatherers did, what they wore, what they ate and what they used for tools.
  • Talking of tools (spoilers!), we will be investigating the best rocks to use as tools. We will look at the three types of rock – sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous. We will learn the difference between them and look at how they are formed. (Top tip: you do not want to miss this lesson… it will be delicious!)

Mr Green loves a good song, so here is a catchy Stone Age tune from the Horrible Histories TV programme.

Finally, see if you can find the fib. One of these three sentences is a lie (naughty Mr Green!) Can you spot it?

  1. BC dates are all of the dates before the year zero.
  2. The dinosaurs were still alive during the time of the cave men.
  3. Archaeologists have uncovered fantastic cave paintings from the time of the Stone Age.

So which one is the lie? Comment below, and have a go at writing your own “find the fib!”


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