Spring 2 – Victorian Bolton

This half term we will be learning all about Bolton during the Victorian Era.

Bolton is steeped in rich Victorian history. We will learn about how local people lived, who the Queen of our country was at the time, what the Industrial Revolution is (and why it is SO important to where we live) and what inventions were brought to the world during this time.

We will experience what a Victorian classroom was like, how children used to write and learn, what they wore, and how they were punished if they did anything naughty (do not worry, though, nobody will be receiving the cane on my watch!)

As always, I cannot wait to see your home learning. Bring in any writing or artwork you have done and share it with the class. All research should be as independent as possible and in your own words (don’t simply copy from the internet!)

See you after half term!

 Mr Green

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