Autumn 1 – Elephants Near and Far

Elephants Near and Far

In your first half term in Year 2 we are going to be looking at Bolton and comparing our lives to those who live in India. We will be finding out a lot about our own town, including how it is now and what it was like in history. We are also going to be exploring the cotton industry in Bolton and famous people past and present. In this exciting project you will be designing and sculpting your own elephant from clay!

To help you learn more about our project you could:

  • Find out who Samuel Crompton was and what he was famous for

  • Research about cotton in India

  • Ask Grand parents to find out what life was like in Bolton for them

  • find out about different facilities in Bolton. E.g. -The Macron Stadium

  • Share where you have visited in Bolton


  • Research how Bolton and India are different

Have a look at these pictures. What do you notice?


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