wheels,wings or water

November 3rd, 2017 | Posted by Josiah in Pupil Posts - (2 Comments)

In the olden days people had a lot of boats and cars it was FANTASTIC them days. In the future transport was very very old and rusty and the transport would be very slow. I am starting to like this topic.

Baby elephant

September 29th, 2017 | Posted by Hayden in Pupil Posts - (Comments Off on Baby elephant)

I know some elephants in India in the capital of India New Delhi a baby elephant was born I saw it on TV and it looked very cute like a baby puppy but a bit bigger and the mum and dad were really big and I mean really big I can’t remember what the TV …
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Gud elephants

September 29th, 2017 | Posted by Callum in Pupil Posts - (4 Comments)

I like elephants because I like there tusk. I now sum elephants in india