Spring 1 and 2- Rocks, Rumbles and Woolly Mammoths

Over the Spring term we will be working on our project Rocks, Rumbles and Woolly Mammoths. This project will be a little bit different as it will continue for the full Spring term and will have 3  main focuses. Even though each area is very different  you will find out how each of them are also closely linked.

In the first few weeks of our project we will be geographers  focusing on the physical features of earthquakes and volcanoes.

After that we will become scientists exploring the different types of rocks that we find in our world. 

In the final weeks of the Spring term we will become historians travelling back in time to the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages – finding out what life was like for our earliest ancestors. 

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  • Kobey says:

    Steel can only be broken by lava. So if there was an earthquake I would put steel under my house to be safe.

  • Samir says:

    Today we had a wow day about volcanoes. We made a volcano and we made it erupt.
    We used a bottle,wire,fibreglass,and black paper.Firstly we got the bottle and wire. We had to bend the wire into a s shape And place it inside the bottle. We place the black cardboard on top of the bottle and after that we sellotaped it on to make it look like a volcano. We then placed the fibreglass in water and placed this on the black cardboard to cover it.
    We had to wait for 3 hours for the fibreglass to set before the volcano was ready to paint.
    Then we did a eruption with fairy, red foo


  • Muhammad Zayan says:

    Did you know that Mount Vesuviuses most famous eruption was in 79AD

  • Grace says:

    California is the state most prone to serious earthquakes in the past. Schools have practice drills so they know what to do if an earthquake happens. They must drop down to their hands and knees, cover their body under a shelter and hold on to their shelter.

  • Aoife says:

    I have visited a volcano in the mountains when I went on holiday to Lanzarote, they used the heat from the ground to cook food it was very hot!

  • Kobey says:

    We have been learning about tectonic plates.If they rub together they will cause an earthquake.

  • Fraser says:

    The fault line is the zigzag line from when a earthquake has happened. if an earthquake pushes together for a long period of time that causes pressure and makes a mountain.

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