Summer 2 – Walk the Plank

In your last half term in year 2 we will be focussing the seaside. We are going on a trip to Blackpool and going up the tower and on the beach. After our trip we will be looking at comparing our inland town, Bolton to Blackpool town on the coast.

You could blog about:

*The differencesย Blackpool and Bolton

*Find out how long it takes to get the different places in England that are on the coast. (use google maps)

*Write a short description of what you might be able to see at the top of the tower

*Find out about the population of Blackpool and Bolton

* Find out about some famous places and people in Blackpool

*Write what you like and don’t like aboutย the seaside

Or find out some other interesting facts!

Happy blogging, Miss Gill

Can you see any differences between Blackpool then and now?

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