Autumn 2 – How to Live Forever!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live forever? In this project we will be discussing this question and arguing both sides.

This project in the run up to Christmas will be focussing on PSHE and the picture book – How to Live Forever.

Things you could research and blog about:

  • Mother Teresa – who is she and why is she famous?

  • what different medicines are used for?

  • Where are medicines created?

  • How can you keep safe online / on the road / around water?

  • What is healthy eating?

  • What exercise do you do during the day?

  • Find out about a sportsman’s day. What do they eat? how do they exercise?

  • What is recycling? why is recycling important?

I am looking forward to reading your blogs this half term all about our project and other things we are learning in school.

Watch this video about Mother Teresa to find out more information about her journey to get peace.


Happy Researching, Miss Gill 🙂




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