Book Review. Never trust a tiger.

April 29th, 2018 | Posted by Jacob B in Year 1 Archive

The book is about ……

A tiger being stuck in a pit and a merchant  was going past. He herd a noise and there were a tiger which he rescued from the pit.

The tiger went on the merchants chest  thinking I will eat this man.

The man agreed that the tiger can eat him if they can sort their argument.

They asked an ox, a tree and a hare the same question. The question was can good follow bad? The Ox replied good deeds can’t follow good deeds. The tree said good deeds can follow good deeds. The hare tricked the tiger by not understanding the question and asked them to go back to the start. So the tiger went back into the pit and was stuck again and the merchant was safe.

My favourite part was when the hare recued the merchant because she played a clever trick on the tiger.


If I wrote the story I would write about the ox and the tiger. The ox is stuck in the mud and a tiger helps it. The ox wants to say thankyou.

Later that day the tiger gets caught in the net that the hunters lay. The ox saw the tiger and help rescue it by cutting the  rope with its horn and teeth.


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