Spring 1 – The Hall of Heroes

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This half term Year 2 are going to be learning about people in the past in present who are inspirational and who have shaped our lives today. We will be focusing on Rosa Parks, Neil Armstrong and The Wright Brothers. We will be having a Super Heroes WOW day with a visit from Sharples High School. In Art and DT we will be creating our own super hero masks and develop our stitching skills.

You could blog about:
• Why Rosa Parks is inspirational
• Why Neil Armstrong is Inspirational
• Why The Wright Brothers are Inspirational
• Talk about someone you think is inspirational and why
• What values do inspirational people have?
• If you could have one super power, what would it be and why?
• What could you do to be an inspiration to someone else?
• Write a short description about your favourite super hero

Take a look at this video of Rosa Parks.
What do you think is right and wrong?

Happy Blogging

Miss Gill

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