Victorian School Workshop

October 4th, 2019 | Posted by Mrs Hesketh in Teacher Posts

Let’s discuss the Victorian Workshop!

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  • Jack says:

    I liked the victorian workshop because I liked the teacher being strict and there were slate boards to write on , a morning inspection and we dressed up.

  • Fraser says:

    So the first thing we did was get our snacks and then we went to the hall to read a Victorian book and had our snacks. After that we went to the toilet then we went to the cloakroom and had morning inspection, I was perfect. Then we did the register, I was there, then we did spellings I got them all right. Then we did maths. In maths we did the 8x table then we repeated it over and over again until we learnt it.

  • Rumaysa says:

    I liked the Victorian Workshop because there were slate boards to write on , a morning inspection, ink pots and dip pens , a sheet to write on with the dip pens .That is why I loved it

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