19.3.18 Easter

March 18th, 2018 | Posted by The Oaks in Reception Archive

This week our learning will be focused on the stories around Easter. The stories will include;

  • The great parade. We will re-enact this story through a drama session focusing on the feelings of the people involved within the story.
  • An important meal. Through philosophy we will discuss the moral of this story.
  • A dreadful day. We will talk about how Jesus wasn’t scared and  why. The children will explore what makes them happy / sad / frightened and why.
  • A happy day. We will explore how his friends felt on this day. Were they happy or scared?
  • Goodbye at last. We will explore why these events are important to Christians .

Some of the activities that will be based around our learning on Easter are;

  1. Ordering the Easter story pictures and verbally retelling the story focusing on the main events.
  2. Problem solving: One hot cross bun serves two people, how many buns do we need for everyone to have some?  Sharing hot cross buns in snack and discussing the important of the cross symbol on the buns.
  3. Making and buying hot cross buns in the play dough, developing addition and subtraction skills when paying.
  4. Create / design stripy eggs focusing on developing repeating pattern skills.
  5. Science experiment: How strong are eggs?
  6. Explore eggs in different forms. Boiled, fried, scrambled etc. Explore the similarities / differences.
  7. Cooking: Make Easter nest.
  8. Egg and spoon races, focusing on ordinal language.
  9. Easter egg hunt: the children will read the clues to find the eggs.

If you have any other additional activities you’d like to do this week please let Miss Coombe or Mrs Martin know.

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  • Miles says:

    I am exsitd bowt the egg hut but I dot lik choclat. plees can wee plaa hid and seek wiv too fidrs? miles

    (I am excited about the egg hunt but I don’t like chocolate. Please can we play hide and seek with two finders)

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