Maths Madness!

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Today we have been looking at how you can represent numbers in different ways!

Can you remember some of the ways?

What equipment can you use to represent 10?

The Rainbow Fish

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This week we have read the story of The Rainbow Fish and linked it to our school value of Kindness.

Did you like the story?

Why was the Rainbow Fish kind?



We even made fish cupcakes.

Did you like your cupcake?


I hope you all enjoyed the summer fair 🙂

Our new book is The Gingerbread Man. This is Miss Coombe’s favourite story! We’ve lots of activities planned around our story but if there is anything you’d like to do in particular then please tell Mrs Martin or Miss Coombe 🙂


11.6.18 Eid Celebrations

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Over  the year the children have learnt about a number of different celebrations. This week we are going to learn about Eid. Through this topic the children will be learning traditional songs, exploring artefacts, and recreating symmetrical designs through exploring Mehdi patterns. They will be designing, writing and giving Eid cards to their friends as well as making and trying a selection of traditional food and exploring traditional dress. On Monday the 18th June Reception will take part in an Eid party, through which they will experience the traditions ever further.

Our New Topic

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Welcome back, I hope you all had a lovely half term and enjoyed our gorgeous sunshine 🙂

I can’t believe we are in the last seven weeks of Reception. It’s all very exciting 🙂

Our new topic this half term is called ‘Our World’ The reason for this is because lots of children wanted to learn different things. As part of this topic we are going to learn about seeds  and plant growth. This will possibly be taught through the stories, The tiny seed, The sunflower that went flop, Jack and Beanstalk and Jaspers Beanstalk. Within this learning the children will also focus on the artist Van Gogh sunflowers.

As part of the topic they will also be learning about food. The possible stories based around this learning will be, Handa’s surprised, The enormous turnip, Vegetable soup. This part of the topic will provide the children with lots of cooking opportunities and also be the focus for our class trip.

We hope to go to Egerton park. As part of this trip they will, plan and make their own picnic.

Hello, I hope you all enjoyed the sunshine and had a lovely bank holiday 🙂

Don’t forget to come and watch our class assembly on Wednesday Morning at 9:00. If you drop your little ones off in Reception and make your way down to the hall to get a seat.

The focus for the next two weeks is the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Some of the activities  the children will be participating in include;

  • Learning the days of the week according to what  the caterpillar ate and when.
  • Learning to count in twos.  The children will make caterpillars and add sets of legs in groups of two.
  • Create symmetry when learning about the patterns on butterflies.
  • Philosophy: Discussing healthy and unhealthy food and the importance of a balanced diet.
  • Creating the life cycle of a butterfly.
  • Ark attack: The children will use 3D objects to create symmetrical patterns on a large butterfly.
  • Science experiment: Chromatography butterflies. The children explore colour.
  • Hairy caterpillars: In house teams the children will grow a hairy (Grass) caterpillar.

….and much more!


Over the next two weeks we will be focusing our learning around the book Dear Zoo by Rob Campbell.  This is a popular book as the language is very repetitive and easy for the children to remember. Some of the activities over the next two weeks will be:

  1. Learn our story of by heart and record it on the IPad.
  2. Play games that develop our vocabulary on adjectives to describe different animals.
  3. Through art and ICT recreate some of their favourite animal patterns.
  4. Learn the song ‘Old Mac Gregor had a Zoo’. Can they incorporate as many different zoo animals as possible?
  5. Choose an animal, paint a picture of it focusing on all it’s body parts and then record the sentence ‘He was too…….so I sent him back!’
  6. Visit Smithills farm and have lots of fun!
  7. Use the pictures from Smithills farm and write a recount, which include the sentence starters  first, then, next and last.
  8. Story telling: Provide a  selection of different animals, natural materials, physical features and invite the children to use their imagination to create their own stories.
  9. Continue to create their A-Z animal book, focusing on writing simple  sentences about each animal.
  10. In maths the children will be using the animals to add and subtract, through story telling.  For example ‘Farmer Pete had 10 cows and the fence blew down, so three cows ran away, how many left.  10-3=?  Or 2 mummy pigs had 4 piglets how many altogether?

The children will also be practising for our class assembly. For this we are learning the song ‘In the jungle’. This makes the children giggle!’ Perhaps you could listen to it together on Youtube!

16.4.18 Animals

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If you have a small pet such as a guinea pig, hamster or rabbit that your parents would let you bring into school for us to look at please speak to either Mrs Martin or Miss Coombe.


Some of the activities we will be focusing on this week are:

  1. Creating an A-Z  key of as many different animals as possible.
  2. Thinking of adjectives to describe animals.
  3. Creating lists of different  types of body parts found on animals.
  4. Matching animals and their young.
  5. Sorting animals into different categories (farm,  ocean, wild, etc)
  6. Practising sport day activities.
  7. Recording as many numbers as possible……how high can you go?
  8. Counting back from a number to find the answer.
  9. Halving and doubling our snack….fairly!!

9.4.18 Noah’s Ark

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Welcome back. We hope you all had a lovely break and are ready for your last term in Reception.

The focus for this week is Noah’s Ark and ‘A check up at the vets.

Our new role play area is a vets so the children will be learning about the different roles within a vets. This will provide lots of opportunity to develop their language skills. If possible you could visit a local vets to gain some first hand experience, which they could transfer into their play.

Some of the activities we will be focusing on over the coming week are;

  • After reading the Noah’s Ark story the children will create a class promise on how they will look after their friends, family, school and world.
  • They children will create an animal alphabet using as many animals from the Noah’s Ark story as possible. Through this we will look  at how each animal name has a capital letter and how capital letters differ from lower case letters.
  • Animal categories: Using the animals from the story and more the children will group the animals into categories (wild, pets, mini-beast, aquatic etc)
  • Children will explore the difference between animals and their young and sort and match these.
  • The children will  create rainbow wind blowers linked to  the rainbow God sent after the flood.
  • The children will create rain sticks, exploring how the sounds can be changed depending on the quantity / type of rice / beans / lentils used.

Lots more activities will be happening over the week so please encourage your child to share with you what they are learning in school.

Our New Topic!

April 5th, 2018 | Posted by The Oaks in Reception Archive - (3 Comments)

After a discussion with the children last half term they decided they would like their new topic to be…….ANIMALS!

We discussed a number of trip options and Smithills Farm won! Therefore our trip this half term will be at Smithills farm on the 23rd April.

It is also our class assembly on the 9th May so we will be focusing this around our animal topic.

After discussing what animal stories they enjoyed we have come up with a book list to focus on this half term. We will be using the following stories to support our learning;

  • Noah’s Ark
  • Dear zoo / farm
  • The Bear Hunt.
  • Mini beast rhymes.
  • The very Hungry Caterpillar.

Within the topic we will be exploring different animal categories; how animals change and grow; animal habitats and much more. If your child has a particular interest please let us know by writing a blog on our webpage.