What an amazing week of celebrating! The week started with a magic show for Mrs Warren and the children. Followed by a party lunch and an afternoon of fun activities and games. Many of them had a ‘Mrs Warren’ theme.

On Wednesday all the children from reception to Year 6 took part in celebration assembly. Each class prepared either a poem or a song and performed it. As well as some whole school songs. At the end of the show, the year 6 children presented the gifts and cards from the staff. All reminders of The Oaks.

On Thursday the children and the parents gathered together before school and presented Mrs Warren with several gifts from them. Including a night away and lots of coffee and cake.

On Friday the teachers had a special fairwell breakfast and this was followed later in the day by Mrs Warren’s final golden / prize giving assembly.

A lovely send off! Good luck and best wishes in your retirement Mrs Warren with love from all the staff and children at The Oaks.