It was lovely to welcome our new Reception Class on their visit yesterday, they all seemed to enjoy themselves and parents appeared to be quite happy. I can’t remember such a meeting where I haven’t been swamped with questions, but last night, we had so many returning parents you didn’t need to ask quite so many!

I know there was a lot to take in on your first visit, so if you are unsure of anything please look it up in the paperwork you were given or ring school to clarify. When you are signing all the forms please take some time to read through the “Home School Agreement” carefully and try and stick to your side of the agreement as best you can, not only this next twelve months but across all the time your little one is with us. I am really looking forward to your little ones joining us in September, have a lovely summer and remember to make the most of the great outdoors as a family while you can! They grow up so quickly!