As the year draws to a close the staff look back to September last year and reflect on how much the children have grown whilst they have been in their class. Grown not only in the physical sense but  emotionally, socially etc. They are all much more capable, independent individuals than they were at the start of the year. This is because all the staff made promises back in September and shared them with their class. Our promises, here at The Oaks, ensure we constantly review our provision to ensure the needs of every child are met. I thought I would share those promises with you all as we will be making them again, for our next class on our return.

The Promises.

I promise to ….

  • make our classroom a welcoming, friendly, bright, lively and happy place where you feel secure and enjoy growing up.
  • make our classroom a place where we respect each other and good behaviour is expected.
  • provide for your physical, emotional, social, spiritual, moral and cultural needs
  • provide you with the teaching of the highest quality.
  • provide you with a rich and challenging curriculum based on first-hand experiences, practical learning, investigation and play.
  • give you equality of opportunity.
  • encourage your parents and other members of our community to get involved in all aspects of your life at school.
  • encourage, reward and celebrate your successes.