Apologies for the lack of blog entries recently, I have been having problems with the technology – again!

There are lots of lovely things going on in school all the time, you just have to look at the “Latest News” page on the parents section of the website. However sometimes problems occur and upset individuals so that learning is spoiled for a short time. We work tirelessly in school to resolve issues quickly and effectively¬†to prevent them from escalating into “big deals” and we appreciate your support when your little ones come home with tales of woe. Please understand that when your treasure tells you about an incident in school it is only their viewpoint you are listening to, not the full picture. We have to have systems in place to deal with upsets and those systems work if they are allowed to run their course. If we feel the need to inform parents then we will do, but most of the time the falling out can be sorted swiftly. Please rest assured your little ones are in capable hands.

Thank you for your continued support.