School Dinner Menu

These menus rotate on a weekly basis and are updated twice a year.

Week 1

This menu is available on the weeks beginning:

9th September
2nd October

Selection of pizza (large slice)

Jacket Potato


Apple muffin

Home-made pork sausage

Vegetable ravioli (v)


Garden peas

Orange or strawberry jelly

Roast chicken with Yorkshire pudding

Quorn slice with Yorkshire pudding (v)

Red onion and cherry tomato crustless quiche (v)

Creamed potatoes

Carrot Roundals

Shortbread biscuit & fruit

Home-made beef bolognaise

Plain Omelette

Wholemeal pasta / Roast Potato

Fresh fruit

Breaded cod

Cheese sandwich

Oven baked wedges

Beans or coleslaw

Chocolate orange fudge cake

Week 2

This menu is available on the weeks beginning:

18th September
9th October

Pizza selection (large slice)

Salmon pasta in tomato sauce


Marble sponge and custard

Uncle Ben’s Chicken Balti

Uncle Ben’s Quorn Balti

Cheese Whirl

Wholegrain Rice of Wedges

Chocolate or strawberry mousse

Oven baked pork sausage

Oven baked quorn sausage (v)

Tuna filled jacket potato

Creamed Potatoes

Baked beans or chopped salad

Frozen yoghurt

Home-made minced meat pie

Home-made top crust vegimince pie

Plain omelette (v)

Salad potatoes

Dice carrot

Fresh fruit

Harry Ramsden battered fish fillet

Tuna / Egg sandwich

Saute potatoes

Garden peas

Oat Cookie and 1/2 Orange

Week 3

This menu is available on the weeks beginning:

25th September
16th October

Meatballs in gravy

Vegeballs in gravy (v)

Filled jacket potato



Iced sponge

Mexican chicken fajita

Tuna mayonnaise filled tortilla wrap

Macaroni and cheese (v)

Herby diced potatoes

Coleslaw & salad

Aussie crunch

Pork steak in gravy

Quorn fillet in gravy (v)

Homemade chilli

Creamed pototoes & rice

Mixed vegetables

Jammie dodger and 1/2 Orange

Fusilli pasta with tomato & basil sauce

Egg and cress wholemeal roll

Jacket wedges

Garden peas

Fresh fruit

Fish fingers

Cheese flan (v)

Potato waffles

Baked beans

Ice cream tub or frozen yoghurt

A selection of colourful chopped salad and fresh fruit

A selection of bread available everyday

Yogurt and selection of chilled drinks available everyday