The School Curriculum

At The Oaks we value every child’s contribution to the learning environment and aim to meet the needs of all in order to maximise potential and to nurture every aspect of children’s talents. We recognise children as individuals with unique strengths and aim to create opportunities for them to flourish. Our mission statement is “Bringing learning to life” which has three aspects:

  • Engaging children in the lifelong learning process so that they will have the skills to continue learning long after they have left our school and grow as citizens of the 21st century.
  • Enriching every aspect of our teaching so that all aspects of the school day are fun, exciting and challenging and children want to engage with learning at every opportunity
  • Ensuring that learning experiences are relevant to children’s lives by engaging with our local community as much as possible

Our curriculum is project based and is underpinned by our core principles:

  • Ensure every learner succeeds – set high expectations.
  • Build on what learners already know – structure and pace teaching so that learners understand what is to be learnt, how and why.
  • Make learning real and vivid.
  • Make learning an enjoyable and challenging experience – stimulate learning through matching strategies to learning styles and needs.
  • Develop learning skills and personal qualities across the curriculum, inside and outside the classroom.
  • Encourage independent learning and learning from peers through talking about their learning.
  • Empower children to be self-evaluative and engage them actively in the target setting process.

English, mathematics, science, history, RE, geography, music, art and design technology, environmental science and ICT are all taught through a project based approach. Personal, social, emotional and economic wellbeing have a high profile and threads through everything that we do in school and are particularly supported by Forest Schools learning, something we are currently developing through school.

Curriculum by Subject

We pride ourselves on our specialist provision at The Oaks.

  • Music teachers from Bolton Music Service come into school and offer tuition in brass, woodwind and strings to children who wish to join our Music Club.
  • PE lessons are taught by Mr Grundy, a specialist sports teacher. Sports coaches are employed to support skills teaching and introduce new games and sporting experiences.
  • A specialist drama teacher, Mr Harvey, teaches drama lessons in KS2 to support all areas of the curriculum.

There is a non-denominational whole-school assembly each afternoon, which the children are encouraged to contribute to. Parents do have the right, by law, to withdraw their child from religious education or worship by arrangement with the Head teacher. Most parents are keen for their children to take part in assembly and appreciate its importance in the corporate life of the school. We invite parents to attend when their child’s class is presenting assembly for the rest of the school, a weekly event greatly enjoyed by all the children.

We regularly celebrate children’s achievements through our Praise Assembly, Golden Book and House Point systems. Children’s names go in our Golden Book for abiding by the six Golden Rules, for displaying respect and good manners or for trying hard in any area of learning.

We also run an Academy system whereby the children engage in extra sport, arts or life skills activities in order to extend their skills in these areas and make links to our wider community through Academy activity.

Curriculum by Year Group