The Mayor’s Christmas Concert

On Friday 1st December Reception and Year One went to The Mayor’s Concert. It was great fun listening to the choirs, the musicians and joining in with the singing. We even got to see Father Christmas!

WhatsApp safety news

Please read the information below from the NSPCC Net Aware website linked to sharing a users location whilst using the messaging and communication service WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has launched a new feature, enabling users to share their live location for 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hours. Users can share their location in a one to one chat, or with all members of a group chat. The feature can be found by clicking on a chat, clicking the + button, and selecting ‘Location’. You can then click on ‘Share Live Location.’

WhatsApp already allows users to send a snapshot of their current location, but the live sharing feature means that your exact location will be broadcast to those contacts for the time period selected. You can click buy ambien 12.5 mg ‘Stop Sharing’ to stop sharing your location before the time limit.

While sharing live locations is becoming increasingly popular, especially since Snapchat launched Snap Map, it is important that young people are careful about who they share their location with. We would encourage all young people to think carefully before sharing their location, especially in a group chat. To remove the option of location sharing entirely, you can choose not to allow WhatsApp to access your location in your device settings.

Parents should have regular conversations with their children to make sure they know how to protect their privacy on apps like WhatsApp.

For more information about keeping your children safe whilst they use social media click here.