Goodbye Mr McConnell!

Mr McConnell, our site manager, is leaving us at the end of this week to take up a new post in a Bolton High School. He has been with us for about 6 years and in that time has made many friends both amongst the children and the wider adult community. He will be missed for his silly hats at Christmas time, his jokes and silly stories but most of all for all the hard work he does keeping us safe at school. We wish him well in his new post and hope he doesn’t forget us. If you see him around town don’t forget to say hello and ask how he is doing.

Please be patient with us whilst we appoint Mr McConnell’s replacement, we do have temporary support but it’s not quite the same is it! We will be securing the site early this next few weeks and staff will be working from home in the evenings so please don’t expect staff to be available as often at the end of the school day. On wintery mornings we may be asking for your support whilst we strive to make the site safe, particularly if it snows hard, so again we ask for your patience. If we work together we will get through this interim period stress free, safe and ready to enjoy our time in school. Thank you for your continued support.

New beginnings!


It was lovely to welcome our new Reception Class on their visit yesterday, they all seemed to enjoy themselves and parents appeared to be quite happy. I can’t remember such a meeting where I haven’t been swamped with questions, but last night, we had so many returning parents you didn’t need to ask quite so many!

I know there was a lot to take in on your first visit, so if you are unsure of anything please look it up in the paperwork you were given or ring school to clarify. When you are signing all the forms please take some time to read through the “Home School Agreement” carefully and try and stick to your side of the agreement as best you can, not only this next twelve months but across all the time your little one is with us. I am really looking forward to your little ones joining us in September, have a lovely summer and remember to make the most of the great outdoors as a family while you can! They grow up so quickly!

Problem Solved!

Apologies for the lack of blog entries recently, I have been having problems with the technology – again!

There are lots of lovely things going on in school all the time, you just have to look at the “Latest News” page on the parents section of the website. However sometimes problems occur and upset individuals so that learning is spoiled for a short time. We work tirelessly in school to resolve issues quickly and effectively to prevent them from escalating into “big deals” and we appreciate your support when your little ones come home with tales of woe. Please understand that when your treasure tells you about an incident in school it is only their viewpoint you are listening to, not the full picture. We have to have systems in place to deal with upsets and those systems work if they are allowed to run their course. If we feel the need to inform parents then we will do, but most of the time the falling out can be sorted swiftly. Please rest assured your little ones are in capable hands.

Thank you for your continued support.

Parent View

We have the most wonderful, supportive body of parents here at The Oaks. Children make wonderful progress in school because you all manage to complete Reading Journals, Research Logs, Maths Challenge books and spelling tasks as well as listening to your little ones read every night. You support our charitable efforts and help us to raise money for worthy causes and sometimes for school too. I would like to say a very big “Thank you” for all the positive remarks parents make as they pass me on the playground in the mornings or ring to congratulate the staff on their wonderful work. I need Ofsted Inspectors to know buy ambien fast what a wonderful supportive body of parents you are. Ofsted will visit “Parent View” before they consider making a visit to school, this is the only way they can tell how supportive you are. Some of you will already have completed Parent View last year but it needs updating every year so please can I ask that everyone logs on to the Parent View site and registers their views? Please could you do it now, before you forget! There is a direct link to Parent View from our website. Thank you so much for taking the time to go this one last step!

Open Morning

Thank you so much to everyone who attended our recent Open Morning for existing and prospective parents. The children loved having you all in school to share their learning and I really enjoyed show casing our provision. It is one of my favourite days of the school year although I don’t think the teachers share my enthusiasm as it is no easy task keeping a full class of children focused on their learning when dad or grandma are waving and smiling from the back of the room or peeping round the corner! The choir enjoyed entertaining you in the “MacMillan Coffee Morning” and appreciated your undivided attention and enthusiastic applause – I noticed some of you joining in with the singing too! Thank you also for your contributions to the charity collection, it will all go to the grand total we have been collecting over the past couple of weeks.

If you are a prospective parent please do not forget when you are completing the paperwork that the Local Authority will send you, do not leave any spaces on the school choice list! I look forward to seeing lots more of you again if you do indeed choose to send your little ones to The Oaks when the time comes.

Our Promises

Our Promises

As the year draws to a close the staff look back to September last year and reflect on how much the children have grown whilst they have been in their class. Grown not only in the physical sense but  emotionally, socially etc. They are all much more capable, independent individuals than they were at the start of the year. This is because all the staff made promises back in September and shared them with their class. Our promises, here at The Oaks, ensure we constantly review our provision to ensure the needs of every child are met. I thought I would share those promises with you all as we will be making buy adderall and xanax online them again, for our next class on our return.

The Promises.

I promise to ….

  • make our classroom a welcoming, friendly, bright, lively and happy place where you feel secure and enjoy growing up.
  • make our classroom a place where we respect each other and good behaviour is expected.
  • provide for your physical, emotional, social, spiritual, moral and cultural needs
  • provide you with the teaching of the highest quality.
  • provide you with a rich and challenging curriculum based on first-hand experiences, practical learning, investigation and play.
  • give you equality of opportunity.
  • encourage your parents and other members of our community to get involved in all aspects of your life at school.
  • encourage, reward and celebrate your successes.