Here you will find a library of Newsletters published by the school office. Please use them to stay up to date with news and events at The Oaks. You will need Adobe Reader to view these pdf documents, which you can download by hitting the link below.


Monday 1st March 715.0 KB
Tuesday 23rd February 1.2 MB
Friday 12th 1.3 MB
Monday 8th February 776.7 KB
Monday 1st February 2.1 MB
Monday 25th January 1.5 MB
Monday 18th January 1.4 MB
Monday 11th January 1.4 MB
Update Letter 6th January 1.2 MB
Monday 4th January 1.3 MB
Friday 18th December. 1.4 MB
Monday 14th December 1.2 MB
Wednesday 9th December. 1.2 MB
Monday 7th 1.1 MB
Wednesday 2nd December... 1.7 MB
Wednesday 25th Newsletter 2.1 MB
Wednesday 18th Newsletter 1.6 MB
Wednesday 11th Newsletter 1.4 MB
Wednesday 4th November 1.3 MB
Monday 2nd November 727.9 KB
Friday 23rd October Newsletter 1.4 MB
Friday 16th October Newsletter 1.3 MB
Friday 9th October Newsletter 1.4 MB
Friday 2nd October Newsletter 1.4 MB
Tuesday 29th September Newsletter 1.4 MB
Friday 25th September Newsletter 1.1 MB
Friday 18th September Newsletter 1.3 MB
Monday 14th September Newsletter 1.1 MB
Tuesday 8th September Newsletter 1.4 MB
Tuesday 1st September Newsletter 1.2 MB
Friday 10th July Newsletter 2.1 MB
Monday 6th July Newsletter.. 484.7 KB
Monday 29th June Newsletter..... 287.6 KB
Monday 22nd June Newsletter 1.5 MB
Monday 15th June Newsletter 1.3 MB
Monday 8th June Newsletter 1.1 MB
Friday 5th June Newsletter 1.3 MB
Monday 1st June Newsletter 1.7 MB
Tuesday 26th May Newsletter 1.4 MB
Monday 18th May Newsletter 1.4 MB
Monday 11th May 1 1.4 MB
Monday 4th May 1.7 MB
Monday 20th April 2.8 MB
Monday 27th April 2.2 MB
Monday 13th April 1.6 MB
Monday 13th January 1.5 MB
Monday 6th April 903.7 KB
Monday 30th March Newsletter 877.2 KB
Monday 23rd March 1.1 MB
Monday 9th March 1.2 MB
Monday 2nd March 2020 401.1 KB
Monday 24th February 1.2 MB
Monday 10th February 1.3 MB
Monday 3rd February.. 542.9 KB
Monday 27th January 2020. 1.0 MB
Monday 20th January 1.4 MB
Monday 6th January 1.1 MB
Monday 16th Decemberx 622.0 KB
Monday 9th Decemberx 1.4 MB
Monday 2nd December . 588.9 KB
Monday 25th November . 488.9 KB
Monday 18th November.. 418.7 KB
Christmas at The Oaks 2019 757.3 KB
Monday 11th November.. 661.7 KB
Monday 4th November. 598.0 KB
Monday 28th October 1.3 MB
Monday 14th October... 915.0 KB
Monday 7th October. 304.2 KB
Monday 30th September.. 561.2 KB
Monday 23rd September 550.0 KB
Monday 16th September 1.4 MB
Monday 9th September x 260.8 KB
Tuesday 3rd September 468.1 KB
Friday 19th 831.4 KB
Monday 15th July 297.3 KB
Monday 8th July 358.8 KB
Monday 1st July x 671.0 KB
Monday 24th June 2019 2.6 MB
Monday 17th June 491.4 KB
Monday 10th June 670.2 KB
Monday 3rd June 440.9 KB
Friday 24th May.... 584.1 KB
Monday 20th May .. 703.5 KB
Monday 13th May 570.2 KB
Tuesday 7th May 1.4 MB
Monday 29th April 1.3 MB
Tuesday 23rd April 1.0 MB
Monday 1st April 1.4 MB
Monday 25th March 1.2 MB
Monday 18th March 456.1 KB
Monday 11th March 1.6 MB
Monday 4th March 1.0 MB
Monday 25th February 1.5 MB
Monday 11th February 1.5 MB
Monday 4th February 577.4 KB
Monday 28th January 853.3 KB
Monday 21st January 1.8 MB
Monday 14th January 278.0 KB
Monday 7th January 267.8 KB
Friday 21st 230.1 KB
Monday 17th December 388.9 KB
Monday 10th December.. 511.5 KB
Monday 3rd December.. 325.0 KB
Monday 26th November 446.2 KB
Monday 19th November 1.8 MB
Monday 12th November 812.1 KB
Monday 5th November 693.7 KB
Monday 29th October 927.8 KB
Monday 15th October 412.4 KB
Monday 8th October 1.0 MB
Monday 1st October 223.7 KB
Monday 24th September 1.3 MB
Monday 17th September 1.5 MB
Monday 10th September 1.5 MB
Tuesday 4th September 1.4 MB
Monday 16th July 1.8 MB
Monday 9th July 1.2 MB
Monday 2nd July 898.1 KB
Monday 25th June 1.3 MB
Monday 18th June 1.3 MB
Monday 11th June 1.3 MB
Monday 4th June 1.3 MB
Monday 21st May 1.2 MB
Monday 14th May 1.2 MB
Tuesday 8th Mayl 1.3 MB
Monday 30th April 1.2 MB
Monday 23rd April . 1.2 MB
Monday 16th April 1.2 MB
Monday 9th April 906.0 KB
Monday 19th March 1.1 MB
Monday 12th March 1.2 MB
Monday 5th March 1.2 MB
Monday 26th February 1.3 MB
Monday 6th November 1.1 MB
Monday 12th February 1.2 MB
Monday 5th February 1.2 MB
Monday 29th January 1.1 MB
Monday 22nd January 1.0 MB
Monday 15th January 1.1 MB
Monday 8th January 1.1 MB
Monday 18th December 1.5 MB
Monday 11th December 1.0 MB
Monday 4th December 902.4 KB
Monday 9th October 1.0 MB
Monday 20th November 1.0 MB
Monday 13th November 1.2 MB
Monday 30th October 1.1 MB
Monday 16th October 1.0 MB
Monday 2nd October 1.0 MB
Monday 25th September 1.2 MB
Monday 18th September 1.1 MB
Monday 11th September 1.2 MB
Welcome to the New Term 504.5 KB
Monday 10th July 227.1 KB
Monday 26th June 214.7 KB
Monday 12th June 236.3 KB
Monday 22nd May 297.9 KB
Monday 8th May 254.4 KB
Monday 24th April 279.3 KB
Monday 27th March 327.4 KB
Monday 13th March 266.0 KB
Monday 27th February 319.3 KB
Monday 13th February 333.8 KB
Monday 30th January 389.7 KB
Monday 16th January 144.9 KB
Monday 19th December 277.2 KB
Monday 5th December 216.1 KB
Monday 21st November 284.1 KB
Monday 7th November 359.2 KB
Friday 21st October 274.3 KB
Monday 10th October 281.0 KB
Monday 12th September 131.2 KB
Monday 18th July 213.0 KB
Monday 27th June 232.1 KB
Monday 13th June 195.6 KB
Monday 23rd May 227.2 KB
Monday 9th May 168.3 KB
Monday 25th April 251.3 KB
Monday 11th April . 150.2 KB
Monday 14th March 306.9 KB
Monday 29th February 180.5 KB
Monday 11th January. 421.4 KB
Friday 18th December 523.8 KB
Monday 7th December 377.8 KB
Monday 23rd November 245.6 KB
Monday 9th November 302.7 KB
Monday 19th October 225.2 KB
Thursday 1st October 463.6 KB
Wednesday 9th September 145.6 KB
Monday 21st September 208.0 KB