Thank you!

A very big “THANK YOU” to everyone who has supported us in our fund raising efforts over the Autumn term. You have managed to add an amazing £4411 to our School Fund so far – we still have the chocolate raffle to add on to the total.

We have been thinking about how to spend it and have decided to purchase a structure for the playground that the children can use as a shop at playtimes – not a real shop, just as part of their role play, but it would be available throughout the playtime and dinner break. We will be going to School Council early in the Spring Term to ask them what they think the children would like to purchase with the rest of the monies. Thank you again for your buy clonazepam cheap continued support, it is really appreciated.

Fund raising from “Super Athletes Day”                                       £1400

Book Fair – to spend on books specifically –                                £800

Halloween disco                                                                                 £296

Asda bag pack                                                                                    £153

Commission from Christmas cards                                              £135

Commission from Photographer                                                  £408

“100” Club                                                                                         £540

Nativity and mice pies!                                                                  £284

Commission from M&S from sales of uniform                           £95

Parents standing orders                                                                £200

Parent donation                                                                              £100

Chocolate raffle                                                                               £?


Total                                                                                                £4411

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended the Infant Nativity, the daytime arrangements seemed to work really well. We are looking forward to the parties at the end of term and keeping our fingers crossed that our special visitor will come again this year with his big sack of gifts for the little ones since we have all worked really hard at our lessons again this term!

Home Learning

We have had a policy here at The Oaks of “no homework” for some years now. This is because our teachers spend their time planning interesting, personalised learning for all the children to access here in school rather than wasting their time trying to find an activity that suits all children, regardless of ability or circumstances, to complete at home. This does not mean we discourage home learning – of course we don’t! All our families are encouraged to read a little every day, do some research around their project in their Research Log and complete maths activities in their Maths Challenge books. Families are expected to support the learning of multiplication tables, basic number bonds, etc Children have Reading Journals that have activities in the front cover and spelling or phonics activities to engage in. The important thing is that children talk about their learning with their families and explain what it is they have learnt during the course of their school day. Children’s learning is a partnership between home and school that supports their progress. Learning should not be seen as a chore, which is what it becomes if school send worksheets home. If parents prefer the worksheet approach then materials are available at all major bookstores that are clearly labelled to suit age and ability.

Please be relaxed about your child’s learning within the context of supporting their progress. I am sure everyone is aware that those families who are interested and supportive of their children’s efforts and help them to read every day, practice basic skills and extend their interests beyond school are the families whose children make the most progress, regardless of school’s efforts!



This year we are having our Infant nativities as usual but we are trying to improve the organisation in response to complaints from parents over the last few years. Parents have said that the late nights are very disruptive to bed times and some parents have refused to send their little ones into school for the evening performance, sometimes without any notice to school. Other parents have said their child could not have a part at all because of family committments after school. So this year we are putting the nativities on during the school day, at the same buy viagra online with discover card time of day as our normal Class Assemblies, which seems to be a convenient time for parents as these assemblies are always very well attended. Hopefully this will allow all the children to take part and to perform at their best and avoid the need to fill empty roles at the last minute. The dates are out on the latest newsletter so parents can book time off work well in advance. I know this won’t please everyone but we are doing our best to improve the experience for the children, which is what it is all about afterall.



Welcome to my first “Headteacher’s Blog” – I am new to this so please bear with me!

The purpose of this part of our website is for school to keep parent’s informed of what is going on in school from a “behind the scenes” perspective. It isn’t a chat room. I am available every morning on the KS1 door if parents want to chat and for more personal or in depth i bought xanax online discussions an appointment can be made at the office. There is also email and the telephone of course! I make every effort to prioritise communication with parents in order to nip concerns in the bud and hopefully prevent them becoming issues.

So watch this space, tell other parents about it and perhaps some of your questions will be addressed here in the future.

Thank you for your continued support.