Thank you!

Thank you!


I just wretirement photoanted to say a really heartfelt “Thank you” to you all – staff, parents, pupils governors, friends, everyone! As I bow out after 38 years of teaching, 14 of them at The Oaks, I leave with lots and lots of very happy memories. Your children have been a delight, thank you for loaning them to me over the years. I will take a little piece of each one away with me in my heart and I hope I have left a little something of myself behind in their hearts too. Thank you for my many gifts, I was so surprised this morning when the hall was filled with parents and friends – I am looking forward to spending my time in the numerous coffee shops, hotels and restaurants I have vouchers for – thank you!

Look after The Oaks for me and give your new Headteacher all the support you have given to me. It is not an easy job to do and keep everyone happy all of the time but always remember the teachers do their best for your children every single day, they are the educationalists, the experts, providing the best – the absolute very best – for your children. The Oaks has earned it’s reputation as the most popular school in the borough, your children are very fortunate to have a place, make the most of it!

Good luck to you all, take care and please remember to share a smile when we bump into each other in the future!

My Mistake!

Aaargh! There was an error in yesterday’s blog concerning holiday patterns. I incorrectly advised you that school was closed on Friday 26th May when it is in fact OPEN! I picked up the wrong holiday list when I was writing my blog – profuse apologies for any confusion I have caused. Well done to Mr Chadwick for spotting the error!

The Last Leg!

Well, we are moving through the summer term at quite a pace and my last weeks seem to be disappearing fast! When we return after the half term holiday I will be starting my last ever half term, a sad time for me after a lifetime in teaching but also something to look forward to – rest and relaxation! I am just about getting  used to the idea now and I think that is because Mrs Grundy has been appointed as the new Headteacher in my place. I am confident that my legacy will remain, for a short time at least, and The Oaks will continue in good hands. Staff and parents are just as delighted that Mrs Grundy will be leading the school and I am sure you will all give her your full support. We are currently in the process of appointing someone to give her some support as Acting Deputy Head and then class responsibilities can be sorted out – a very busy time!

Enjoy your half term break, remember school closes at 3.15pm,  Thursday afternoon, 25th June, and come back to school on Monday 5th June ready for a fun packed final stint!

Welcome to 2017!

A very warm welcome to the start of our Spring term. I trust everyone has had a restful break and is ready for the wonderful learning that the staff have in store for the children! New projects are underway in all classes, thank you for the Research you have engaged in over the holidays. Unfortunately some of our children have let their regular reading practice lapse over the break so the sooner we all get back into good reading habits the better please. All children, regardless of their age or ability, need to read a little every day – it makes such a difference to their overall life chances. We have publicised the facts and figures in the past which show that the more we read the greater our vocabulary and the knock-on buy upjohn xanax online effect this has on job prospects. So please ensure your children read and if you are listening to them remember to sign their reading record!

As you are aware we lost our site manager at the end of last term so I would like to extend a welcoming hand to Mr Booth who will be managing our site from now on. Mr Booth started before the Christmas break so many of you will have seen him around the site already. Please say hello to him and make him feel welcome, he has already commented on how much he loves working with us and how friendly and polite the children are!

Goodbye Mr McConnell!

Mr McConnell, our site manager, is leaving us at the end of this week to take up a new post in a Bolton High School. He has been with us for about 6 years and in that time has made many friends both amongst the children and the wider adult community. He will be missed for his silly hats at Christmas time, his jokes and silly stories but most of all for all the hard work he does keeping us safe at school. We wish him well in his new post and hope he doesn’t forget us. If you see him around town don’t forget to say hello and ask how he is doing.

Please be patient with us whilst we appoint Mr McConnell’s replacement, we do have temporary support but it’s not quite the same is it! We will be securing the site early this next few weeks and staff will be working from home in the evenings so please don’t expect staff to be available as often at the end of the school day. On wintery mornings we may be asking for your support whilst we strive to make the site safe, particularly if it snows hard, so again we ask for your patience. If we work together we will get through this interim period stress free, safe and ready to enjoy our time in school. Thank you for your continued support.