I just wretirement photoanted to say a really heartfelt “Thank you” to you all – staff, parents, pupils governors, friends, everyone! As I bow out after 38 years of teaching, 14 of them at The Oaks, I leave with lots and lots of very happy memories. Your children have been a delight, thank you for loaning them to me over the years. I will take a little piece of each one away with me in my heart and I hope I have left a little something of myself behind in their hearts too. Thank you for my many gifts, I was so surprised this morning when the hall was filled with parents and friends – I am looking forward to spending my time in the numerous coffee shops, hotels and restaurants I have vouchers for – thank you!

Look after The Oaks for me and give your new Headteacher all the support you have given to me. It is not an easy job to do and keep everyone happy all of the time but always remember the teachers do their best for your children every single day, they are the educationalists, the experts, providing the best – the absolute very best – for your children. The Oaks has earned it’s reputation as the most popular school in the borough, your children are very fortunate to have a place, make the most of it!

Good luck to you all, take care and please remember to share a smile when we bump into each other in the future!