The Friends of The Oaks

Friends of The Oaks is a group made up of parents, grandparents and ‘friends’ of The Oaks. Over the course of the year this fundraising group plan a number activities for the pupils, parents and families of The Oaks.

Activities include:

  • School discos throughout the year
  • Raffles at events
  • Summer Fair
  • Ladies Night
  • Cinema Evening

All of the money raised by Friends of The Oaks is used to benefit the children through purchasing additional resources. Last year Friends of The Oaks raised thousands of pounds which contributed towards the purchase of our new play area on the field.

At The Oaks we have benefited from the support of many parents and the monies raised have enhanced our children’s learning and helped make their time at The Oaks fun and stimulating.

For this to continue we need the support of parents who help in a variety of ways. Some parents attend Friends of The Oaks meetings on a regular or occasional basis whilst others offer a small amount of time to help out with an event, e.g. helping to supervise a school disco. We appreciate that not everyone can attend meetings and events.

Updates on meetings and events are detailed in the weekly school newsletter so please get involved and let’s continue to improve our fantastic school!