The School Curriculum

Curriculum Intent

Every single child at The Oaks is given the opportunity to achieve their absolute best. We have designed a curriculum that is unique to our school and we believe that children should experience excellent teaching and develop a deep love of learning. In delivering our curriculum we aim to remove any barriers to learning so that ALL children are able to make progress across the whole school curriculum. Our curriculum is bespoke to the needs of The Oaks children and is designed to be broad and balanced and equip all learners for the 21stcentury. The Oaks curriculum is underpinned by the national curriculum, embedded overtime and routed in our locality. Knowledge, Skills, Values and Cultural Capital are embedded into curriculum and opportunities.

We aim to ensure that all children will be confident, articulate and effective communicators by the time they leave our school. Through our curriculum, we want all our children to develop a resilience and independence when it comes to learning. Our children are critical thinkers, curious and eager to extend their knowledge.

Our curriculum builds on prior knowledge and skills through regular review of content and sequencing.

Quality first teaching for all is part of our ethos and offer at The Oaks. We pride ourselves on consistency, developing high standards across the whole of school.

We aim to ensure that all children have a secure understanding of Fundamental British Values, gain an understanding of equal opportunity, are able to celebrate the richness and diversity of the society in which they live and are fully prepared for life as a global citizen.

Through the engaging and stimulating curriculum, we want the children to be able to make positive choices in terms of their social interactions, health and personal wellbeing and we also have a high focus on ensuring the children will be confident with technological developments and highly computer literate.

A key approach to achieving our curriculum intent is for our curriculum to be filled with rich-first hand experiences and bring learning to life.

Curriculum Implementation

To ensure that our bespoke curriculum is delivered to the highest standard, The Oaks has a clear strategic overview for curriculum implementation. Ensuring the teachers have sound subject knowledge is a priority.

High standards and expectations across school means that all learning is effective and well planned. We ensure children are able to read with fluency and understanding so they are able to access all subject areas, this takes high priority as does the focus on knowledge and improving the children’s long-term memories. We want all children to be able to remember the content taught, make links and connections, building on prior knowledge.

Subject knowledge, skills and concepts are taught as individual subjects and through projects. English and mathematical skills are effectively promoted across all subjects. The progress of all children is closely monitored and the curriculum is designed to ensure that any identified gaps are closed. Learning outside the classroom and concrete, real life opportunities plays a pivotal role in the delivery of The Oaks curriculum and is effective in breaking down any barriers to learning by offering additional opportunities for experiential and practical learning, including trips out, visitors and workshops.

Curriculum Impact

We evaluate our curriculum regular, gathering the views of all stakeholders. The impact the curriculum has on our children as learners is rigorously evaluated.  Precise and focussed actions within the School Development Plan drive the continual refinement of the curriculum to ensure it continues to meet the needs of all pupils.  Learning is reviewed and monitored through regular learning walks, book scrutinies, pupil voice, evidence trails and pupil progress meetings.

We have produced bespoke pupil progress tracking systems and documents to ensure that knowledge and skills are progressive and build on the children’s prior knowledge and learning. The outcomes of National assessments demonstrate that when children leave The Oaks, they are very well prepared for the next stage in their education.

Children are immersed in values and real life skills, ensuring they become confident citizens and lifelong learners.

Curriculum by Subject

Curriculum by Year Group