School Uniform

At The Oaks we take great pride in wearing our school uniform. Our uniform is an important and valued feature of the school’s traditions and ethos and contributes to the high standards set by the school. It is expected that all children wear full school uniform all of the time. All uniform must be labelled with the child’s name. Uniform that is not labelled is likely to get lost.

We believe that wearing school uniform has a positive impact:

  • It promotes a sense of pride
  • It engenders a sense of community and belonging
  • It makes identifying The Oaks pupils easy
  • It prevents the wearing of anything that might cause a distraction to learning
  • It promotes equality between pupils
  • It supports parents in providing an agreed set of clothes
  • It supports health and safety of the children


  • Black shoes with flat/low heel, not boots or trainers – Trainers may be worn at playtimes.
  • White or grey socks, or royal blue or grey tights.
  • Short or long grey trousers
  • Royal blue pinafore or skirt
  • Blue or yellow checked summer dress (summer term only)
  • Light blue shirt – formal shirt with button up neck and either short or long sleeves.
  • Tie – school tie in blue and gold – Tie on elastic for KS1 only. From Year 3 onwards children need a ‘real’ tie.
  • V-necked cardigan or sweater with either the school logo and/or gold stripes at the neck and/or cuffs.

PE Uniform

  • Black gym shoes
  • White socks
  • Plain black shorts
  • A blue logoed polo shirt (purchased through school)
  • Children in Years 1-6 should have an outdoor Games Kit. This should include trainers, dark coloured jogging/tracksuit pants, blue logoed polo shirt and a blue or dark coloured jumper.
  • Royal blue hoodies with school logo are available to order from the school office.
  • Football kits are not allowed to be worn for PE.

This new PE uniform will be phased in from September 20 to September 21.


The only jewellery allowed in school is a wrist watch, not a fit bit or computer type watch.  Watches need to be able to be removed for PE by the child. Nail varnish and make up is not allowed to be worn.

Extreme hairstyles including Mohicans, tram lines or shaved patterns are not allowed. Beaded braids are not allowed. Hair should be of a natural colour.

Hair bands, clips and other hair adornments must also be safe and non – distracting in keeping with the school uniform colours of royal blue or yellow. All shoulder length hair MUST be tied back.