ICT Team – Coding Event @ Sharples

ICT Team – Coding Event @ Sharples

This week we announced our new ICT Team for 2014/15. They are: Tom, Jacob, Ibrahim, Amelia, Sally and Zaeem.

On Thursday evening the new team represented our school at a ICT Coding event at Sharples High School with Mr Hampson and Mrs Ashton.

They learnt how to make their own computer games and apps! In just 1 and a half hours they had all made their very own versions of the popular game, Flappy Birds!

They will now use these skills to help others learn in school.

Here they are in action….

Purple Mash



Follow this link to access the log in page for Purple buy lorazepam 2mg Mash








To access Purple Mash through our school website follow this link.



You will need to use your own personal log in details to log in to Purple Mash. If you have forgotten these please speak to Mr Hampson. You can use Purple Mash to access a wide range of learning resources such as writing frames, maths activities and games,  and you can even use Purple Mash to design and create your own games for other people in school to play using 2 DIY.  Your learning can be saved to your own folder and then accessed in school.

Year 6 Visit to Sharples High School

Year 6 Visit to Sharples High School

On Thursday 3rd October our Y6 class visited Sharples High School. They got to sample a variety of lessons, including baking and science.